Wirtz, Peter, Fricke, Ronald & Biscoito, Manuel José, 2008, The coastal fishes of Madeira Island—new records and an annotated check-list, Zootaxa 1715, pp. 1-26: 18-19

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.274128

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* Buenia  sp.

Recorded from Madeira by Miller in Quéro et al. (1990: 926), and said to be described by J. van Tassell). Brito et al. (2002: 319), however, state that J. van Tassell does not yet consider the taxonomic status of this species clarified. Additional material: SMNS 16034 (2, Funchal).

* Chromogobius britoi  Tassell, 2001 —Brito's goby

Recorded from Madeira by Wirtz (1998) as Chromogobius  sp., and by Brito et al. (2002: 319) under the actual name.

* Crystallogobius linearis  (Düben, 1845)—Crystal goby

New record from Madeira based on the specimens MMF 26513View Materials, 35206,

36452, 36454 and SMNS 16026 (3), SMNS 16029 (3), SMNS 16031 (6), and SMNS 16033 (1). The SMNS specimens were dredged from depths of 35-65 m 3 km SW of Funchal, in 1995.

* Gnatholepis thompsoni  Jordan, 1904 —Goldspot goby

Recorded from Madeira by Brito et al. (2002: 320) and by Araujo & Freitas (2003). The species has greatly increased in frequency along the south coasts of Madeira during the last few years. Based on a molecular study by Rocha et al. (2005), Randall and Greefield (2007) suggested that G. thompsoni  is conspecific with the Indopacific species G. cauerensis (Bleeker 1853)  .

* Gobius gasteveni  Miller, 1974 —Steven's goby

* Gobius maderensis  Valenciennes, 1837 —Madeira rock goby

Taxonomic decision of the present paper. The genus Mauligobius  was originally described and defined by Miller (1984: 384-387) on the basis of the suborbital papilla row 7 present near port α (absent in Gobius  ), and the oculoscapular row x 1 not extending forwards to pore β (extending to or beyond pore β in Gobius  ), with Gobius maderensis Valenciennes, 1837  as the type species by original designation which was redescribed by Miller (1984: 388-397). In the course of a taxonomic evaluation of the species Gobius paganellus Linnaeus, 1758  and G. maderensis  by the second author and I. Koch (Stuttgart), it was observed that both species vary in the critical characters of papillae rows 7 and x 1, and that specimens of G. maderensis  with a Mauligobius  character state on one side of the head and Gobius  state on the other side of the head exist. It is concluded that papillae rows are not useful to distinguish genera in this complex. Gobius maderensis  and G. paganellus  are very close in other taxonomic characters, and are considered sibling species within the same genus, Gobius  .

* Gobius paganellus  Linnaeus, 1758 —Rock goby

* Lesueurigobius heterofasciatus  Maul, 1971 —Striped goby

SMNS 16030 is from 35-45 m; SMNS 16025 and SMNS 16028 are from 56-59 m depth. All other Madeiran records of this species are from below 70 m depth.

* Pomatoschistus pictus  (Malm, 1865)—Painted goby

Recorded from Madeira by Wirtz (1998).

* Thorogobius ephippiatus  (Lowe, 1839)—Leopard-spotted goby

* Vanneaugobius canariensis  Tassell, Miller & Brito, 1988 —Canary goby

Recorded from Madeira by Wirtz (1998).


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