Wirtz, Peter, Fricke, Ronald & Biscoito, Manuel José, 2008, The coastal fishes of Madeira Island—new records and an annotated check-list, Zootaxa 1715, pp. 1-26: 10

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While a common coastal fish in other areas, Scorpaena notata Rafinesque-Schmaltz, 1810  is found only deeper than 100 m at Madeira and therefore not counted as a coastal species here.

* Scorpaena canariensis  (Sauvage, 1878)—Canary Islands rockfish

Recorded from Madeira by Brito (1991). A previous record of Scorpaena laevis Troschel, 1866  (on the basis of BMNH 1984.3.6.551- 556) was re-identified as S. canariensis  . Thus, there is no reliable record of S. laevis  from Madeira. The specimens of S. canariensis  in the collection of the MMF come from 100 m and deeper. However, there are shallow water records of this species both at the Canary Islands and at the Azores; we therefore tentatively here list S. canariensis  as a coastal species.

* Scorpaena maderensis  Valenciennes, 1833 —Madeira rockfish

Scorpaena porcus Linnaeus, 1758  —Black scorpionfish

This record needs confirmation.

* Scorpaena scrofa  Linnaeus, 1758 —Largescaled scorpionfish


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