Isostenosmylus septemtrionalandinus Ardila-Camacho & Noriega, 2014,

Martins, Caleb Califre, Ardila-Camacho, Adrian & Aspöck, Ulrike, 2016, Neotropical osmylids (Neuroptera, Osmylidae): Three new species of Isostenosmylus Krüger, 1913, new distributional records, redescriptions, checklist and key for the Neotropical species, Zootaxa 4149 (1), pp. 1-66: 38-43

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Isostenosmylus septemtrionalandinus Ardila-Camacho & Noriega, 2014


Isostenosmylus septemtrionalandinus Ardila-Camacho & Noriega, 2014 

( Figs. 28View FIGURE 28, 29View FIGURE 29)

Isostenosmylus septemtrionalandinus Ardila-Camacho & Noriega, 2014: 324 View Cited Treatment   , figs. 2c, 3b, e, f, 5a, b, 6 (habitus, head, thorax, wings, legs, female terminalia and genitalia). Ref. Ardila-Camacho & Noriega (2014). Holotype female, IAvH.

Type-locality. Colombia: Santander, Nudo de Santurbán, Poveda stream, 07°27’N  −72°49’W, 2000 m, 18.iii ~ 03.iv.2002.

Material examined. Holotype, “ Colombia: Santander, Nudo de Santurbán, Poveda stream, 07°27’N  −72°49’W, 2000 m, 18.iii ~ 03.iv.2002, A. Santamaría, Malaise trap, M.3106” (1♀ IAvH).

Distribution ( Fig. 43View FIGURE 43). Colombia (Santander).

Principal characteristics. Head brown with two dark brown spots below antennae; clypeus and labrum light brown with yellowish setae; labial palpi light brown at the base and dark brown at the apex; maxillary palpi pale brown; vertex brown with some brown setae; sutures bordering dark brown; occiput pale yellowish brown; antennae yellowish brown, scape almost as long as pedicel; flagellomeres almost as long as broad, covered with pale yellow setae. Pronotum pale brown with two posterolateral elongated black spots, densely covered by elongated dark brown and pale yellow setae, mainly laterally; mesonotum brown with three pairs of black spots and some dark brown setae; metanotum brown with a pair of large black spots. Legs yellow with many small dark brown spots. Forecoxa of female with a short pointed process near of apex. Wings hyaline with venation alternating brown and pale yellow, pterostigma well-marked ( Fig. 28View FIGURE 28 A); forewing with some amber spots, mainly in radial trace, several costal crossveins forked near to the costal margin; hindwing without dark spots. Abdomen with tergites mottled by dark brown and yellowish brown.

Female ( Figs. 28View FIGURE 28 C –F, 29). Fused ninth gonapophyses Y-shaped in ventral view, with two apical elongated lobes; two lateral mammiliform lobes in the fused eighth gonocoxites; ninth gonocoxites acuminate, with ventral margin curved; spermathecae reniform.














Isostenosmylus septemtrionalandinus Ardila-Camacho & Noriega, 2014

Martins, Caleb Califre, Ardila-Camacho, Adrian & Aspöck, Ulrike 2016

Isostenosmylus septemtrionalandinus

Ardila-Camacho 2014: 324