Gumilla Navás, 1912,

Martins, Caleb Califre, Ardila-Camacho, Adrian & Aspöck, Ulrike, 2016, Neotropical osmylids (Neuroptera, Osmylidae): Three new species of Isostenosmylus Krüger, 1913, new distributional records, redescriptions, checklist and key for the Neotropical species, Zootaxa 4149 (1), pp. 1-66: 6

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Gumilla Navás, 1912


Gumilla Navás, 1912 

Antennae longer than forewing, filiform, with elongate flagellomeres; ocelli absent; prothorax longer than wide; wings wide with irregular reticulation, cross-vein of subcostal area not bifurcated, less than ten radial branches in radial sector ( Navás 1912; Menon & Makarkin 2008).

Distribution. Brazil, Northern South America.