Guglielmone, Alberto A., Nava, Santiago & Díaz, Mónica, 2011, Relationships of South American marsupials (Didelphimorphia, Microbiotheria and Paucituberculata) and hard ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) with distribution of four species of Ixodes, Zootaxa 3086, pp. 1-30: 14-15

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.203193

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Microbiotheria  : Microbiotheridae Ameghino (only family in the order)

1) Ixodes neuquenensis Ringuelet, 1947  is a South American tick known only from bona fide specimens collected on Dromiciops gliroides Thomas  (see below).

Argentina, Neuquén, Isla Victoria (40 º 56 ´S 71 º 32 ´W), F on Dromiciops australis Philippi  (= D. gliroides  ) (Ringuelet 1947, who received this tick that had been classified as I. brunneus  by Boero 1945)

Río Negro, Llao Llao Reserve (41 º02´S 71 º 32 ´W), FNL on D. gliroides (Guglielmone et al. 2004)  .

Note: Daciuk et al. (1981) allegedly found the male of I. neuquenensis  on Dusicyon griseus  (= Lycalopex griseus (Gray)  ( Carnivora  : Canidae  ) in Argentina, but the tick was in fact a male of A. tigrinum  , and this sex of I. neuquenensis  remains unknown (Guglielmone & Nava 2005).

Chile, Región X, Fundación Senda Darwin (41 ° 52 ´S 73 º 40 ´W), FNL on D. gliroides  ; Fundo Los Cisnes (41 ° 50 ´S 73 º 36 ´W), FNL on D. gliroides (Marín-Vial et al., 2007)  .