Vespertilionidae Gray, 1821,

Srinivasulu, Chelmala, Srinivasulu, Aditya, Srinivasulu, Bhargavi, Gopi, Asad, Dar, Tauseef Hamid, Bates, Paul J. J., Rossiter, , 2017, Recent surveys of bats from the Andaman Islands, India: diversity, distribution, and echolocation characteristics, Acta Chiropterologica 19 (2), pp. 419-437: 431

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Vespertilionidae Gray, 1821


Family Vespertilionidae Gray, 1821 

The family Vespertilionidae  was the most species-rich group with six species — including two endemic subspecies — recorded from the Andaman Islands. Hesperoptenus tickelli  , Tylonycteris pachypus  and T. robustula  are the forest-dwelling species. Tylonycteris  species are bamboo-dependent and have been observed in forests with lush growth of bamboo. Pipistrellus coromandra  occurs in forested tracts, while P. javanicus camortae  was recorded mostly in human-dominated habitats and sometimes in the forested tracts. Myotis horsfieldii dryas  was recorded only in forests and was found roosting in caves and tree hollows.