Ternjej, Ivan Č Ica & Stanković, Igor, 2007, Checklist of fresh and brackish water free-living copepods (Crustacea: Calanoida and Cyclopoida) from Croatia, Zootaxa 1585, pp. 45-57 : 46

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The following species were not listed for Croatia in “Fauna Europaea” ( Boxshall 2004): Lovenula alluaudi ( Guerne & Richard, 1890) , Calanipeda aquaedulcis Kritschagin, 1873 , Eudiaptomus hadzici ( Brehm, 1939) and Eudiaptomus padanus etruscus ( Losito, 1901) . Lovenula alluaudi was recorded by Petkovski (1983) and Sket (1988) as inhabiting Krk Island and Lošinj Island as well as the Istria Peninsula. Calanipeda aquaedulcis was reported by Sket (1988) in costal marshes near the town of Nin (in Dalmatia) and is also known to inhabit brackish habitats along the eastern Adriatic coast, namely: Vrana Lake, Baćina Lakes and Kuti Lake, all in Dalmatia (Bukvić-Ternjej et al. 2001). Eudiaptomus hadzici was described from Lake Visovac (Bukvić et al. 1999) while E. padanus etruscus was recorded in two small reservoirs on the island of Krk (Bukvić-Ternjej et al. 2001).

However, some species listed by Boxshall (2004) have not been included in our list. We omitted species reported by Krmpotić (1924): Arctodiaptomus laticeps ( G. O. Sars, 1863) and Arctodiaptomus steindachneri ( Richard, 1897) . These two species were reported in an area called Srijem, which has been included within, and excluded from the Croatian border, partially or completely, several times between 1920 and 1939. Since 1939 only a part of Srijem is within the Croatian border; and not the sites mentioned by Krmpotić (1924). Petkovski (1960, 1983) and Naidenov (1965) suggested that within Croatian collections specimens of Arctodiaptomus kerkyrensis ( Pesta, 1935) have been incorrectly identified as A. steindachneri . Based on a paper by Car (1906), Petkovski (1961) and Kiefer and Fryer (1978) reported that Arctodiaptomus laticeps , Arctodiaptomus similis (Baird, 1859) and Arctodiaptomus similis similis (Baird, 1859) occurred in Lake Cerknica, in Istria. However, Cerknica Lake has never been part of Croatia, and certainly is not in Istria.

We excluded Mixodiaptomus laciniatus ( Lilljeborg, 1889) and Mixodiaptomus laciniatus laciniatus ( Lilljeborg, 1889) , which were also listed by Boxshall (2004). Kiefer reported the possibility that these species were mistaken for Mixodiaptomus tatricus ( Wierzejski, 1883) and Mixodiaptomus kupelwieseri ( Brehm, 1907) in karstic area of Croatia and Montenegro ( Kiefer & Fryer 1978). According to Petkovski (1983) M. laciniatus and M. l. laciniatus are distributed on the Balkan Peninsula, only in the Durmitor Mountain in Montenegro. The species are considered to inhabit high mountain lakes in Alpine region ( Einsle 1993), but so far their presence in Croatia has not been confirmed.