SQUAMATA Oppel 1811

Mccranie, James R., 2015, A checklist of the amphibians and reptiles of Honduras, with additions, comments on taxonomy, some recent taxonomic decisions, and areas of further studies needed, Zootaxa 3931 (3), pp. 352-386 : 364

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SQUAMATA Oppel 1811


ORDER SQUAMATA Oppel 1811 , 376

(8 infraorders, 2 unranked taxa, 8 superfamilies, 30 families, 98 genera, 245 species, 1 endemic genus, 59 endemic species, 3 introduced genera, 6 introduced species). McCranie (2009) used the suborders Sauria Macartney (1802 * [Table III]) and Serpentes Linnaeus (1758 [p. 214]) for convenience to separate the lizards from the snakes. The Solís et al. (2014) list separated the lizards from the snakes without comment. In the current list, the lizards are in alphabetical order by infraorders followed by the snakes, also in alphabetical order by infraorders, but with two unranked names used to keep some apparently closely related snake families near to each other in this list. Oppel introduced this order name as Squammata. I use the phylogenetic results of Vidal & Hedges (2009) to group seemingly related forms into a closer-knit group. The Vidal & Hedges results are controversial, but they do have the benefits of helping keep seemingly related groups from being scattered throughout this list as was the case with McCranie (2009) and Solís et al. (2014).