Silusa langori Klimaszewski, 2003**

Webster, Reginald P., Klimaszewski, Jan, Sweeney, Jon D. & DeMerchant, Ian, 2012, New Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) records with new collection data from New Brunswick, and an addition to the fauna of Quebec, Canada: Aleocharinae, ZooKeys 186, pp. 83-118 : 93

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Silusa langori Klimaszewski, 2003**


Silusa langori Klimaszewski, 2003** Map 18 View Map 18 illustrations Klimaszewski et al. (2003)

Material examined.

New Brunswick, Restigouche, Co., Dionne Brook P.N.A, 47.9064°N, 68.3441°W, 27.VI-14.VII.2011, M. Roy & V. Webster, old-growth white spruce and balsam fir forest, Lindgren funnel trap (1 ♂, RWC). York Co., 15 km W of Tracy off Rt. 645, 45.6848°N, 66.8821°W, 19-25.V.2009, R. Webster and M.-A. Giguère, old red pine forest, Lindgren funnel trap (1 ♂, RWC); same locality data and forest type, 10-26.V.2010, R. Webster & C. MacKay, Lindgren funnel trap (1 ♂, RWC); Charters Settlement, 45.8395°N, 66.7391°W, 4.IV.2010, R. P. Webster, mixed forest opening, collected with aerial net during evening flight between 16:30 and 19:00 h (1 ♂, RWC).

Collection and habitat data.

In New Brunswick, adults of this species were collected during April, May, June, and July in Lindgren funnel traps deployed in an old red pine forest, an old-growth white spruce and balsam fir forest, and with an aerial net during an evening flight within a mixed forest opening. In Alberta, adults were captured in pitfall traps and window traps in boreal mixed woods comprising 54-83% Populus sp.( Klimaszewski et al. 2003).

Distribution in Canada and Alaska.

AB, NB ( Klimaszewski et al. 2003). The New Brunswick records represent a significant eastward range extension for this species.