Silene neglecta

Peruzzi, Lorenzo & Carta, Angelino, 2013, A taxonomic revision of Silene nocturna species complex (Caryophyllaceae) in Italy, Phytotaxa 88 (3), pp. 38-48: 41

publication ID 10.11646/phytotaxa.88.3.1

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Silene neglecta


Typification of Silene neglecta  

Tenore’s protologue consists of a diagnosis, referring also to " Silene nocturna   A" as described in his previous works ( Tenore 1811 –1815: 235, Tenore 1822: 350), concerning the unnamed var. "A". Unnamed varieties "B" and "C" are also described, and var. "B" refers to " Silene nocturna   B" as described in Tenore (1811 –1815: 235, Tenore 1822: 350). Later, Tenore (1830: 216) excluded the var. "B" from his species concept (and referred it again to S. nocturna   ). In Herbarium Tenore conserved at NAP we have been able to find the following specimens: "Astroni" and "Persano" (both the localities cited by the author under var. "A") and "Capri" (cited under var. "C"). These specimens can be considered as original material, despite the absence of explicit collection dates (a constant in Herbarium Tenore, see also Di Pietro et al. 2012, Peruzzi et al. 2012, 2013): indeed, they were originarily labelled as " Silene nocturna   " (exactly as in Tenore's previous publications) and then corrected by the author as " neglecta   nob. ". Among them, the most complete and well developed specimen from "Persano" ( Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 ), matching well with the protologue, is here selected as the lectotype. This specimen corresponds to the currenct concept of S. neglecta ( Chater et al. 1993)   .