Baliosus californicus (Horn)

Eiseman, Charles S., 2014, New Host Records and Other Notes on North American Leaf-Mining Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera), The Coleopterists Bulletin 68 (3), pp. 351-359: 352

publication ID 10.1649/072.068.0302

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Baliosus californicus (Horn)


Baliosus californicus (Horn)  

On 16 October 2012, I collected two irregular, brown, upperside blotch mines in leaves of Ceanothus velutinus Douglas ex Hook.   ( Rhamnaceae   ) near Camp Sherman, Oregon ( Fig. 1). One mine contacted the leaf edge and one did not. Both began with a small, ragged hole chewed well away from the leaf edge, with no egg remains evident. When complete, the first mine covered about 1.5 cm 2 and the second about 2 cm 2. Frass was not evident in reflected light, but in transmitted light it appeared as a dark mass of fine particles concentrated toward the middle of the mine. One adult emerged by 6 November and the other by 18 November, each chewing a conspicuous hole through the lower leaf epidermis to exit its mine (specimens in USNM). The adults then fed in irregular, narrow patches on the leaf underside (typically 1–3 mm long and <0.5 mm wide), only rarely chewing all the way through. This species is apparently specific to Ceanothus   L., having been previously associated with Ceanothus fendleri A.Gray   , Ceanothus integerrimus Hook. & Arn.   , and Ceanothus leucodermis E. L. Greene ( Clark et al. 2004)   .