Astyanacinus Eigenmann, 1907

Mirande, Juan Marcos, 2010, Phylogeny of the family Characidae (Teleostei: Characiformes): from characters to taxonomy, Neotropical Ichthyology 8 (3), pp. 385-568: 545

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Astyanacinus Eigenmann, 1907


Astyanacinus Eigenmann, 1907  

Astyanacinus   was considered closely related to Astyanax   , differing from that genus only by the form of the mouth. In Astyanacinus   the maxilla is long and does not form an angle with the premaxilla ( Eigenmann, 1921). This character state is present in other genera of the Characidae   , as Dectobrycon   , Hollandichthys   , Oligosarcus   , and Pseudochalceus   . Among the presumably apomorphic features of Astyanacinus   , the rounded humeral spot and the presence of circulii on the posterior field of scales [(pers. obs. in A. moorii (Boulenger)   ] and the presence of chromatophores densely concentrated in the focus of scales (pers. obs. in A. multidens Pearson   ), would relate this genus with the Astyanax bimaculatus   -group, while the presence of chevron-shaped marks on the flanks is shared with Astyanax superbus Myers   and Hyphessobrycon bifasciatus   , among other species. These alternatives could relate Astyanacinus   both with the Astyanax   clade or with the Hyphessobrycon luetkenii   clade and it is preferable to leave this genus as incertae sedis pending its inclusion in a phylogeny of the family.