Genycharax Eigenmann, 1912

Mirande, Juan Marcos, 2010, Phylogeny of the family Characidae (Teleostei: Characiformes): from characters to taxonomy, Neotropical Ichthyology 8 (3), pp. 385-568: 545

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Genycharax Eigenmann, 1912


Genycharax Eigenmann, 1912  

The only species described for this genus, Genycharax tarpon Eigenmann   , has a general appearance of an Astyanax   , but with a clupeoid mouth and elongated and curved teeth. This genus was related with Astyanax   and some Characinae   by Géry (1977). According to the illustrations of Géry (1977) this species lacks a supraorbital bone, and it would not be included either in the subfamilies Acestrorhynchinae   , Agoniatinae   , Bryconinae   , Cynodontinae   , Iguanodectinae   or Salmininae   , nor in the Bryconops   clade. Although this species shares some details of general appearance and the presence of unicuspidate teeth with the Characinae   , such a proposed relationship would be speculative and it is maintained herein as incertae sedis.