Branchinecta campestris Lynch, 1960,

Rogers, D. Christopher & Hill, Matthew A., 2013, Annotated Checklist of the large branchiopod crustaceans of Idaho, Oregon and Washington, USA, with the “ rediscovery ” of a new species of Branchinecta (Anostraca: Branchinectidae), Zootaxa 3694 (3), pp. 249-261: 250

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Branchinecta campestris Lynch, 1960


Branchinecta campestris Lynch, 1960 

New records. WASHINGTON: Grant County: roadside salt pool ~ 5 miles east of Beverly on Lower Crab Creek Road, between south side of road and Crab Creek, at bridge; 30 March 2007; D. C. Rogers; DCR- 683. Columbia National Wildlife Refuge, from a lake near Shiner Lake, north of Bobcot Trail Road, south of Bobcot Loop Road, 20 April 2005, E. Kelchlin, det. D.C. Rogers, DCR- 653.

Comments. Lynch (1960), Eriksen and Belk (1999) and Rogers (2006) reported this species from Washington, Oregon and California. It is limited to one locality each in Oregon and California. The Oregon locality is Lake Abert (Fugate 1992), and we were unable to confirm the population by wet or dry sampling. Lynch (1960) reported this species (as defined by Rogers, 2006) from ten localities in Washington, eight of which were destroyed by the construction of permanent reservoirs. We found this species in three new localities in Washington, and have not attempted to verify the remaining two localities (Hot Lake and Soap lake, Okanogan Co., WA) reported by Lynch. The single California locality (Soda Lake) is currently protected (Eriksen and Belk 1999). B. campestris  meets the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) red list criteria for designation as a VU D 2 species (IUCN 2000, Rogers 2006).