Aleurodaphis mikaniae Takahashi, 1925

Jiang, Li-Yun & Qiao, Ge-Xia, 2011, A review of Aleurodaphis (Hemiptera, Aphididae, Hormaphidinae) with the description of one new species and keys to species, ZooKeys 135, pp. 41-56: 46-47

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Aleurodaphis mikaniae Takahashi, 1925


Aleurodaphis mikaniae Takahashi, 1925

Aleurodaphis mikaniae   Takahashi, 1925: 51.

Aleurodaphis mikaniae   Takahashi: Remaudière and Remaudière 1997: 179; Tao 1999: 17.

Material examined.

CHINA (NZMC): 6 apterous viviparous females and 3 alate viviparous females, 24 August 2004, Guizhou (Daozhen County), No. 15638, host plants unknown, coll. J. Y. Yang; 4 apterous viviparous females, 15 August 2003, Sichuan (Baoxing County), No. 15017, on Parasenecio   sp., coll. K. Guo; 7 apterous viviparous females, 27 June 1999, Shaanxi (Foping County), No. 12336, on Compositae, coll. T. L. He; 20 apterous viviparous females, 12 October 1988, Hunan (Zhangjiajie City), No. 8962, on Impatiens   sp., coll. T. S. Zhong and G. X. Zhang; 4 apterous viviparous females, 26 September 1974, Guizhou (Guiyang City), No. Y2123, on Senecio scandens   , coll. Y. Y. Rao; 10 apterous viviparous females, 31 March 1982, Yunnan (Kunming City), No. 7373, on Senecio scandens   , coll. G. X. Zhang; 6 apterous viviparous females, 12 October 1996, Shaanxi (Zhouzhi County), No. 11096, host plants unknown, coll. G. X. Qiao; 4 apterous viviparous females, 18 August 2003, Sichuan (Baoxing County), host plants unknown, coll. K. Guo; 10 apterous viviparous females, 12 July 2002, Shaanxi (Meixian County), No. 13559, host plants unknown, coll. E. B. Ma; 14 apterous viviparous females, July 1936, Taiwan (Shinkwan), host plants unknown, coll. R. Takahashi; JAPAN (BMNH): 41 apterous viviparous females, 6 August 1980, Kyoto, Kibune Mt., on Impatiens   sp., coll. R. L. Blackman.

Host plants.

Parasenecio   sp., Impatiens   sp., and Senecio scandens   .


China and Japan.