Singularia guajiro Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin

Kovtunovich, Vasiliy, Ustjuzhanin, Peter, Marquez, Mildred & Ustjuzhanina, Anna, 2016, Five new species of the genus Singularia Arenberger, 1988 (Lepidoptera, Pterophoridae), European Journal of Taxonomy 247, pp. 1-11: 5-7

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Singularia guajiro Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin

sp. nov.

Singularia guajiro Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin   sp. nov.

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The male genitalia of Singularia guajiro Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin   sp. nov. are similar to those of S. alternaria   in the form of the valves, but differ from them in the wide uncus and the zigzag-shaped phallus. The female genitalia of the new species resemble those of S. brechlini   sp. nov. in the long filiform signum, but differ from them by the structure of the antrum and the apophyses anteriores.


The species is named after one of the indigenous peoples of Colombia, the Guajiro.

Material examined


COLOMBIA: Ƌ, Cundinamarca dept., Vereda La Concepción, Bosque La Guajira, 4º47′ N, 75º46′ W, 2910 m, 8–12 Nov. 2014, V. Synjaev, M. Márquez & J. Machado leg. ( ZISP 1842 View Materials ). GoogleMaps  


COLOMBIA: 1 ♀, Boyacá, Vereda Suralá, 5º04′ N, 73º39′ W, 2750 m, 12 Nov. 2013, V. Synjaev & M. Márquez leg. ( ZISP 1843).


EXTERNAL CHARACTERS. Wingspan of holotype 21 mm and paratype 19 mm. Head, thorax and tegulae with dark grey scales. Labial palps dark brown, rather short, half eye diameter. Fore wings browngrey with portions of pale spots at wing base and in central part. Fringe inside cleft dark brown with alternation of yellow portions. Hind wings and their fringe unicolorous grey. Legs pale brown.

MALE GENITALIA. Valves symmetric, smoothly narrowed in distal part. Anellus arms rather short, rod-like, left arm shorter than right one, right arm slightly concave. Uncus small, noticeably widened in distal part. Phallus rather long, equal to length of valve, zigzag-shaped in distal part, thickened in basal part. Process of sternum VIII narrow and long with oval notch at tip.

FEMALE GENITALIA. Papillae anales narrow triangle. Apophyses posteriores thin, long, slightly widened and bent at apices. Apophyses anteriores narrow, short. Antrum short tubular, sinuously curved. Ductus thin, very long, poorly sclerotized. Bursa copulatrix oval, signum narrow long, filiform, covered with small spiculae throughout its length.



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Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences