Monothrips Moulton

Mound, Laurence A., 2011, Grass-dependent Thysanoptera of the family Thripidae from Australia, Zootaxa 3064, pp. 1-40: 27

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.200567

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Monothrips Moulton


Monothrips Moulton  

This genus was based on a single female collected at Rabaul, New Britain. However, the same species, M. flavus   , has been found widely across Northern Australia, and a second closely related species is described here from the north of Western Australia. Because of the presence of a few microtrichia laterally on the tergal sculpture lines ( Fig. 79 View FIGURES 76 – 85 ), Moulton (1940) suggested a relationship to the Sericothripinae   , a suggestion that finds no support from any other character states. This genus shares most character states with Masamithrips   , but has the maxillary palps with three segments, and the abdominal sternites with a dentate craspedum on the posterior margins. No male is known in this genus.