Masamithrips tanyoeikus, Mound, Laurence A., 2011

Mound, Laurence A., 2011, Grass-dependent Thysanoptera of the family Thripidae from Australia, Zootaxa 3064, pp. 1-40: 25-26

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.200567

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scientific name

Masamithrips tanyoeikus


Masamithrips tanyoeikus   sp.n.

(Figs 65–66)

Female macroptera. Body bicoloured, mainly yellow, with base of fore femora shaded, abdominal segment X and distal half of IX dark brown, antennal segments V –VIII light brown; fore wing including clavus weakly shaded in basal half with apex pale. Head with anterior margin slightly conical, cheeks short and straight; ocellar setae pair III arising between mid-points of posterior ocelli (Fig. 65); maxillary palps 2 -segmented. Pronotum posterior margin with 3–4 pairs of setae, outer posteroangular setae slightly shorter than inner pair. Prosternal basantra granulate, with 2–4 pairs of setae; fernal plates with very slender median connection. Metanotum with irregular longitudinal reticulation medially. Fore wing first vein with 7 setae on basal half, 3 widely spaced setae on distal half; second vein with 2 to 4 widely spaced setae. Tergal sculpture weak but complete medially; II –VIII with broad craspedum; tergites V –VIII with few microtrichia on 3 or 4 lines of sculpture; setal pair S 2 on VIII three times as long as S 1 (Fig. 66); IX with median dorsal setae long and stout; tergite X longer than IX and curving slightly ventrally. Sternite II with 2 discal and 2 pairs of marginal setae, III –VI with irregular row of about 9 discal setae, VII with about 12 medially.

Measurements (holotype female in microns). Body length 1070. Head length 75; width across eyes 100; ocellar setae III 17. Pronotum, length 110; maximum width 125; pa inner setae 55; pa outer setae 53. Fore wing length 520. Metanotal median setae 13. Tergite IX length 75; median dorsal setae 60; setae S 1 57; S 2 70. Tergite X length 105; setae S 1 65. Antennal segments III –VIII length 27, 20, 22, 35, 8, 12.

Material studied. Holotype female, Northern Territory, from grasses, 130km East of Three Ways, 18.v. 1999 (LAM 3720).

Paratype, 1 female collected with holotype.

Comments. The elongate tenth abdominal tergite, also the chaetotaxy of tergite VIII (Fig. 66), are unique in this species.