Phibalothrips Hood

Mound, Laurence A., 2011, Grass-dependent Thysanoptera of the family Thripidae from Australia, Zootaxa 3064, pp. 1-40: 31

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.200567

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Phibalothrips Hood


Phibalothrips Hood  

This Panchaetothripinae   genus comprises one species from southern Europe, one from Malaysia, and two species that have overlapping distributions between Africa and Southeast Asia. These two are P. peringueyi   that is recorded widely across the Oriental region from South Africa to Japan, and P. l o n g i c e p s that is found in Australia as well as New Caledonia, New Guinea and Fiji. These two are distinguished from each other on slight differences in the colour of the base of the fore wings. P. longiceps   is widely distributed across Australia north of Sydney, breeding on the leaves of grasses, but usually only on introduced species.