Stenchaetothrips Bagnall

Mound, Laurence A., 2011, Grass-dependent Thysanoptera of the family Thripidae from Australia, Zootaxa 3064, pp. 1-40: 32

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.200567

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Stenchaetothrips Bagnall


Stenchaetothrips Bagnall  

Currently, 32 species are listed in this genus, all from the Oriental region apart from one described from Sudan and another from Brazil. These thrips all breed on the young leaves of grasses, and their feeding can cause visible damage. Three species are here recorded from Australia, all from the northern half of the continent. One of these is the oriental Rice Thrips, a second is another Asian species that is here interpreted as also having been introduced to the Neotropics, and the third is a new species described below. Bhatti (1982) provided a key to 15 species from India   , and Wang (2000) provided a key to a further five species from Taiwan. However, there is possibly further synonymy to be recognised within the genus; for example, the holotype and one paratype female of S. spinalis   from Philippines have been studied, and contrary to the original description the metanotum does not have campaniform sensilla; this species therefore cannot at present be distinguished from S. tenebricus   from southern India   as defined by Bhatti (1982).