Masamithrips masamii, Mound, Laurence A., 2011

Mound, Laurence A., 2011, Grass-dependent Thysanoptera of the family Thripidae from Australia, Zootaxa 3064, pp. 1-40 : 23-25

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.200567


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Masamithrips masamii


Masamithrips masamii sp.n.

( Figs 56–62 View FIGURES 52 – 62 )

Female macroptera. Body mainly yellow, abdominal segment X dark brown also posterior margin of IX usually brown, antennal segments I–III yellow, IV weakly shaded, V–VIII light brown; fore wing including clavus very weakly shaded in basal half with apex pale. Head anterior margin projecting conically in front of eyes ( Fig. 57 View FIGURES 52 – 62 ); ocellar setae pair I far apart; III arising between mid-points of posterior ocelli. Pronotum posterior margin with 4 pairs of setae, posteroangular setal pairs sub-equal in length. Prosternal basantra granulate, with about 4 pairs of setae; fernal plates scarcely connected medially ( Fig. 58 View FIGURES 52 – 62 ). Metanotum medially with irregular sculpture. Fore wing first vein with 6–8 setae on basal half, 3 widely spaced setae on distal half; second vein with about 5 widely spaced setae. Tergal sculpture weak but complete medially; II–VIII with broad craspedum, campaniform sensilla close to posterior margin ( Fig. 62 View FIGURES 52 – 62 ); tergites V–VIII with few microtrichia laterally; setal pair S 2 on VIII no longer than S 1; tergite IX longer than X, with median dorsal setae scarcely extending to posterior margin of tergite, no longer than posterior median setae ( Fig. 59 View FIGURES 52 – 62 ). Sternite II with about 6 discal setae and 3 pairs of marginal setae; III–VII with irregular row of about 10–15 discal setae; sternite VI with small oval pore plate on antecostal area ( Fig. 60 View FIGURES 52 – 62 ).

Measurements (holotype female in microns). Body length 1280. Head length 100; width across eyes 110; ocellar setae III 15. Pronotum, length 120; maximum width 135; pa inner setae 35; pa outer setae 40. Fore wing length 570. Metanotal median setae 20. Tergite IX length 90; median dorsal setae 40; setae S 1 55; S 2 80. Tergite X length 75; setae S 1 75. Antennal segments III–VIII length 30, 25, 28, 40, 8, 12.

Male macroptera. Similar to but smaller than female, apex of abdomen yellow; tergite IX dorsal setae small and slender; sternite II with 2 discal and 3 pairs of marginal setae, V–VI with broad pore plate on antecostal area ( Fig. 61 View FIGURES 52 – 62 ).

Material studied. Holotype female, Western Australia, Kununurra, Kununurra Gorge, from sticky Triodia leaves, 23.ii. 2005 (LAM 4577).

Paratypes: Western Australia: 4 females, 4 males taken with holotype (plus larvae); same locality and host, 4 females, 22.ix. 2009; Kununurra, Ivanhoe, 1 female from dead twig, 24.ii. 2005; Geikie Gorge, Fitzroy Crossing, 12 females, 11 males from soft Triodia leaves, 27.ii. 2005.

Comments. Females of this species are unique within the genus in having a pore plate near the anterior margin of the sixth sternite. Most other members of the genus have only two pairs of marginal setae on the second abdominal sternite, and the median dorsal setae on tergite IX long and often stout.