Striathrips sulcatus, Mound, Laurence A., 2011

Mound, Laurence A., 2011, Grass-dependent Thysanoptera of the family Thripidae from Australia, Zootaxa 3064, pp. 1-40: 36

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.200567

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Striathrips sulcatus


Striathrips sulcatus   sp.n.

( Figs 93–97 View FIGURES 93 – 97 )

Female macroptera. Body, legs, and antennal segments I –III yellow, IV with light brown shading, V –VIII dark brown; fore wing weakly shaded at base, pale at apex, and with two dark and two light transverse areas, clavus dark. Antennal segments III –IV with apical neck and bearing long, slender, forked sensoria ( Fig. 93 View FIGURES 93 – 97 ); III with no microtrichia, IV with a few microtrichia ventrally; external sensorium on V –VI slightly flattened, VIII longer than VII. Head with ocellar setae III long, arising on margins of triangle ( Fig. 94 View FIGURES 93 – 97 ); postocular setae small, arising close to margins of eyes. Pronotal inner posteroangular setae longer than external pair, 4 pairs of posteromarginal setae ( Fig. 94 View FIGURES 93 – 97 ). Mesonotum transversely striate, anterior campaniform sensilla present; two pairs of setae near posterior margin. Metanotum transversely striate, median pair of setae behind anterior margin, campaniform sensilla present; metascutellum longitudinally striate except near posterior margin ( Fig. 95 View FIGURES 93 – 97 ). Abdominal tergite I striate ( Fig. 96 View FIGURES 93 – 97 ), campaniform sensilla near posterior margin, craspedum absent medially but weakly developed laterally; II –VIII with campaniform sensilla equidistant from anterior and posterior margins ( Figs 96–97 View FIGURES 93 – 97 ); IX with weak transverse sculpture, median dorsal setae well-developed but short. Sternites transversely striate, II with 2 pairs of marginal setae, III –VII with 3 pairs, all arising at margin; craspedum weak, irregular and narrow.

Measurements (holotype female in microns). Body length 1560. Head length 110; width across eyes 130; ocellar setae III 45. Pronotum, length 160; maximum width 185; pa inner setae 70; pa outer setae 40. Fore wing length 730. Metanotal median setae 35. Tergite IX, median dorsal setae 30; setae S 1 100; S 2 130. Tergite X setae S 1 130. Antennal segments III –VIII length 50, 50, 37, 55, 12, 15.

Material studied. Holotype female macroptera, Queensland, Mt Malloy, 22km SE of Mossman, 23.vii. 1968 (LAM 770).