Hycleus tinctus (Erichson, 1843)

Bologna, Marco A., Amore, Valentina & Pitzalis, Monica, 2018, Meloidae of Namibia (Coleoptera): taxonomy and faunistics with biogeographic and ecological notes, Zootaxa 4373 (1), pp. 1-141 : 80-82

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4373.1.1

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Hycleus tinctus


Ch) Hycleus tinctus species group

This group, partially studied by Bologna (1978), is here defined only phenetically by the particular elytral pattern with a wide reddish lateral edge. It includes at least the two species listed below.

Hycleus matabele ( Péringuey, 1909) comb. n. ( Fig. 5C View FIGURE 5 )

Mylabris matabele Péringuey, 1909

Types. Types of this species were examined at SAMC.

Distribution. Botswana, Namibia (new species record for this country), and Zimbabwe. The citation from Kenya ( Péringuey 1909) is ambiguous and probably refers to a Botswanan locality.

Material examined. [Kunene] Opuwo : 30 km WNW Orupembe, 18.1167°S 12.3500°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . Sesfontein: Hoanib floodplain, 19.3667°S 13.0167°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . Khorixas: Fransfontein , 20.1833°S 15.0167°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . [Oshikoto] Omuthiyagwiipundi: Okashana Agric. Experimental Station , 18.4167°S 16.6500°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; B1, Ondangwa-Tsumeb, 45 km NW of Oshivelo Andoni plains, 18.4325°S 16.7272°E (CB); Nau-Obes , Etosha N.P., 19.3167°S 16.6167°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . Engodi: 30 km W Oshivelo, 18.4870°S 17.0000°E (CB). Guinas: B1, 10 km S Oshivelo, 18.7556°S 17.2420°E (CB). [Omusati] Ruacana : NW Etosha N.P., 18.7167°S 14.5833°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . Okahao: Dorsland , Etosha N.P., 18.7167°S 14.8667°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Kaokoveld vegetation, Etosha Nat. Park , 18.9661°S 14.8739°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Northern Border, Bitterwater Firebreak , Etosha N.P., 18.9667°S 15.1500°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Duikersdrink , Etosha N.P., 19.0667°S 14.7167°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . [Otjozondjupa] Tsumkwe: Dobe , 19.4167°S 20.6000°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Klein Dobe , 19.4333°S 20.5000°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Boesmanland , 19.6000°S 20.6833°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Bushmanland, Aha hills, 19.6167°S 20.9667°E (SMWN); Bushmanland, 3 km W Kuru , 19.9333°S 20.6333°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Gam, Hereroland-Oos, 20.2500°S 20.8167°E (SMWN). Omatako: near Otjahevita road to Grootfontein , 20.3400°S 17.5500°E (CB); Waterberg Plateau Park, 20.3667°S 17.3500°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Waterberg Plateau Park, 20.3833°S 17.3000°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Waterberg , cr. roads C22-2512, 20.6333°S 17.1500°E (CB); Hamakari S 373, 20.6667°S 17.3833°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Hamakari S 373, 20.6667°S 17.4000°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . Okakarara: Hereroland-West , 20.5167°S 17.4833°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Okakarara, Hereroland, 20.5833°S 17.4333°E (SMWN). [Omaheke] Steinhausen: Boplaan , 21.7007°S 19.4779°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; C30, 8 km S jct. C29, 21.8207°S 18.3307°E (CB); Geiersberg, Omitara 109, 22.3213°S 18.0331°E (SMWN). Kalahari: Gobabis, C 22, 12 km N jct. B6, 22.3613°S 19.0034°E (CB); C20, Gobabis-Leonardville , 16 km S of Gobabis, 22.9500°S 18.9422°E (CB). GoogleMaps

Gobabis: Gobabis, C 22, 2 km N jct. B6, 22.4205°S 19.0037°E (CB). Aminius: C20, Gobabis-Leonardville 5 km S Aais GoogleMaps , 23.2593°S 18.7237°E (CB). [Erongo] Daures: Brandberg Messum Valley GoogleMaps , 21.2248°S 14.5163°E ( Bologna, 2000a; SMWN); Karibib: Navachab 67, 22.0167°S 15.7333°E (SMWN). [Khomas] Windhoek Rural: Excelsior 286, 22.4500°S 17.6333°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Richthofen 126, 22.5667°S 17.7500°E (SMWN). [Hardap] Gibeon: Bullsport 172, 24.1167°S 16.3333°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . Mariental Rural: Haruchas 156, 24.9500°S 18.8500°E (SMWN). [Karas] Keetmanshoop Rural: Wildheim Ost 384, 26.4833°S 19.5667°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; C11, 1 km jct. M26, 27.0915°S 19.5372°E (CB).

Other records: Namib Sand Sea desert ( Seely 2012); Namibia ( Pitzalis et al. 2014) .

Remarks. Easily distinguishable from H. tinctus (Erichson, 1843) because of their temples greatly shorter than eye longitudinal diameter (longer in tinctus ), pronotum more rounded in the fore half and the silver, very dense setation of both head and pronotum. The elytral pattern differs from that of H. tinctus because of lateral reddish portion of black fasciae more extended.

Hycleus tinctus (Erichson, 1843) ( Fig. 5D View FIGURE 5 )

Mylabris tincta Erichson, 1843 Coryna tincta, Bologna 1978

Distribution. Angola and Namibia .

Material examined and literature records. [Omusati] Ruacana: C46, near Ruacana Falls, 17.4000°S 14.2833°E (CB); NW Etosha N.P., 18.7167°S 14.5833°E (SMWN). Tsandi: Tsandi, Ovamboland, 17.7500°S 14.9000°E (SMWN). Okahao: Duikersdrink, Etosha N.P., 19.0667°S 14.7167°E (SMWN); Otjiovasandu, Etosha N.P., 19.2500°S 14.5000°E (SMWN); Between Kaross and Zebrapump, Etosha N.P., 19.3667°S 14.5000°E (SMWN); Kaross, Etosha N.P., 19.3833°S 14.5333°E (SMWN). [Kunene] Epupa: Hippo Pool on Kunene River, 20 km W of Ruacana, 17.4092°S 14.2185°E (CB); Otwazuma, 17.8667°S 13.3167°E (SMWN). Opuwo: Opuwo town, 18.0500°S 13.8333°E (CB); 30 km WNW Orupembe, Kaokoland, 18.1167°S 12.3500°E (SMWN); 21 km E Orupembe, 18.1785°S 12.4136°E (SMWN); D3710, near Opuwo, 18.2011°S 13.8994°E (CB); 6 km NE Orumana, Kaokaland, 18.2167°S 13.9500°E (SMWN); 4 km E Orumana, Kaokoland, 18.2333°S 13.8333°E (SMWN); C 35, 110 km NW Kamanjab, 18.9167°S 14.3833°E (CB). Sesfontein: Khowarib River, Damaraland, 19.2667°S 13.8667°E (SMWN); D2650, near Kamanjabn, 19.8087°S 14.5128°E (CB); Palmwag 702, Damaraland, 19.8333°S 13.8833°E (SMWN). Kamanjab: Ombika, Etosha N.P., 19.3333°S 15.9333°E (SMWN); C35, 35 km NW Kamanjab, 19.5000°S 14.8000°E (CB); Beulah 256, 19.6000°S 14.9167°E (SMWN); Sonnegroet 608, 19.6167°S 14.7167°E (SMWN); Kamanjab, 19.6333°S 14.8333°E (SMWN); C40, 26 km E Kamanjab, 19.6957°S 15.1046°E (CB); Otjitambi, 19.8167°S 15.1667°E (SMWN); C39, 23 km W Outjo, 20.1798°S 15.9480°E (CB); C39, 29 km W Outjo, 20.19834°S 15.8831°E (CB); C39, 70 km W Outjo, 20.2589°S 15.5248°E (CB); C39, 25 km E Khorixas, 20.30608°S 15.1867°E (CB); Eendrag 110, Outjo, 20.3386°S 15.7749°E (SMWN); Delhi, 20.3780°S 15.7280°E (SMWN). Outjo: "Abachaus" 50 km N Otjwarongo, 19.7500°S 16.5833°E (CB); C39, 10 km W Outjo, 20.0100°S 16.0100°E (CB); Outjo town, 20.0833°S 16.1333°E (CB); Damaraland, 1 km SE of Outjo, River Ugab, 20.1167°S 16.1500°E (CB); road Outjo-Kalkfeld, 16–20 km S Outjo, 20.3333°S 16.1500°E (CB). Khorixas: Fransfontein, 20.1833°S 15.0167°E (SMWN); Fransfontein, 20.2167°S 15.0167°E (SMWN); Khorixas, Damaraland, 20.3500°S 14.9500°E (SMWN); Khorixas, Damaraland, 20.3667°S 14.9667°E (SMWN); Damaraland, Bethanis 514, 20.4000°S 14.4000°E (SMWN); Damaraland, Duineveld 529, 20.7833°S 14.6333°E (SMWN). [Oshikoto] Omuthiyagwiipundi: B1, Ondangwa-Tsumeb, 45 km NW of Oshivelo, Andoni plains, 18.4325°S 16.7272°E (CB); Ovamboland, Namutoni, 18.8000°S 16.9833°E ( Kaszab, 1956, as ab. biluteocingulata, type locality); 30 km E Etosha N.P., Mokuti Lodge, 18.8000°S 17.0333°E (CB); Etosha N.P., Sueda Pan, 18.8333°S 16.3333°E (JP); Etosha N.P., Halali Rest Camp, 19.0333°S 16.4667°E (CB); Kapupuhedi- Rietfontein, Etosha N.P., 19.1167°S 16.0667°E (SMWN); Gobaub Etosha N.P., 19.3000°S 16.4167°E (SMWN). Tsumeb: 5 km E Tsumeb, 19.2600°S 17.7500°E (CB). [Oshana] Uuvudhiya: N of Okondeka, Etosha Nat. Park, 18.9500°S 15.8333°E (SMWN). [Kavango] Ndiyona: Kaudom Game Reserve, 19.0333°S 20.5167°E (SMWN). [Otjozondjupa] Otavi: Dakota 424, 19.4833°S 17.1333°E (SMWN); Dakota 424, 19.4941°S 17.1287°E (SMWN); Kudib 426, 19.5118°S 17.2475°E (SMWN); B8, 10 km E Otavi, 19.6500°S 17.4167°E (CB). Otjiwarongo: D2430, 25 km N Otjiwarongo, 20.2667°S 16.6167°E (CB); Outjo-Otjivarongo, 20.3410°S 16.3830°E (CB); Garfield, 20.4450°S 16.0830°E (SMWN). Omatako: Waterberg Plateau Park, River Omatako, 20.4167°S 17.2500°E (CB); B1, 28 km S Otjiwarongo, 20.6806°S 16.7787°E (CB); Mount Etjo Safari Lodge, 21.0167°S 16.4167°E (CB). Okahandja: Okahandja, D2192, 4 km jct. B2, 21.949°S 16.5763°E (CB); Okahandja, 21.9833°S 16.9167°E (CB; CP; SMWN); Okahandja, Gross Barmen, 22.1000°S 16.7500°E (CP). [Erongo] Dôures: Otjihongoro Reserve, Damaraland, 20.9000°S 15.2000°E (SMWN); Damaraland, Okonyene Mt., Otjiwarongo Reserve, 21.1500°S 15.3167°E (SMWN); Hungorob Valley, Branderberg, 21.1900°S 14.5282°E (SMWN); Messum Valley, Branderberg, 21.2215°S 14.5163°E (SMWN); Gross Spitzkoppe, 21.8167°S 15.1667°E (CB); Spitzkoppe, 21.8518°S 15.1484°E (SMWN); Gross Spitzkoppe, 21.9532°S 15.2842°E (CP). Omaruru: Otjikoko-Sud 61, Omaruru, 21.2833°S 16.3667°E (SMWN); Omaruru, 21.4333°S 15.9333°E (SMWN); C33, 6 km S Omaruru, 21.4824°S 15.9508°E (CB); C33, 30 km jct. B2, 21.6681°S 15.9799°E (CB). Karibib: D1935, 30 km NNW Usakos, 21.7833°S 15.5000°E (CB); Karibib, 21.9333°S 15.8333°E (CB); Okakoara 43, 21.9667°S 16.0167°E (SMWN); Usakos, 12 km W, Karibib, 21.9972°S 15.4879°E (SMWN); Navachab 67, 22.0167°S 15.7333°E (SMWN); D1980, 26– 28 km S Karibib, 22.1500°S 15.8333°E (CB); 20 km W Boshua Pass, 22.664°S 15.878°E (CB); C28, 20 km E Boshua Pass, 22.7000°S 16.0333°E (CB). Arandis: Damaraland, 6 km N Arandis, 22.3667°S 14.9833°E (SMWN); Rossing mine, 22.4667°S 15.0333°E (SMWN); Upper Panner Gorge, 22.4833°S 14.9833°E (SMWN); Upper Panner Gorge, 22.4833°S 15.0167°E (SMWN); Lower Ostrich Gorge, 22.5000°S 14.9667°E (SMWN); Gemsbokwater, Namib Naukluft Park, 23.0833°S 15.1667°E (SMWN). Swakopmund: Swakop River ( Marseul 1872; Péringuey 1909). Walvis Bay Rural: Walvis Bay, 22.9575°S 14.5053°E ( Péringuey 1909). [Omaheke] Steinhausen: Swakop River, Okahandja, 22.0500°S 18.9000°E (SMWN). Aminius: Leonardville, Gobabis, 23.5000°S 18.8000°E (SMWN). [Khomas] Windhoek Rural: Otjiseva 45, 22.3000°S 16.9667°E (SMWN); Brakwater, 20 km N Windhoek, 22.4000S 17.0667°E (CB); Neudamm 63, 22.5000°S 17.3500°E (SMWN); Daan Viljoen Garne Park, 22.5333°S 16.9333°E (CB); Daan Park, 22.5333°S 16.9667°E (CP); Windhoek Airport, 22.5333°S 17.2500°E (CB); Hoffnung 66, 22.5411°S 17.1978°E (SMWN); Richtofen 126, 22.5667°S 17.7500°E (SMWN); Regenstein 32, 22.7178°S 17.0317°E (SMWN); Lichtenstein, 22.7667°S 16.9833°E (SMWN); C23, 28 km jct. B6, 22.7719°S 17.4551°E (CB); Heris 367, 22.7833°S 16.8667°E (SMWN); Wasservallei W, 22.9167°S 16.3667°E (SMWN); C23, 38 km S Dordabis, 23.0715°S 18.0434°E (CB); D1228, 7 km ENE Rehoboth, 23.2833°S 17.2333°E (CB); D1261, Nauchas-Rehoboth, 1–40 km NW Nauchas, 23.5763°S 16.4588°E (CB). Windhoek East: Windhoek, 22.5667°S 17.0833°E ( Bologna 1978; CB; SMWN); Avis Dam, 22.5728°S 17.1314°E (SMWN). [Hardap] Rehoboth West Urban: Rehoboth town, 23.3167°S 17.0667°E (CB); Rehoboth distr., 23.3500°S 17.0667°E (SMWN). Rehoboth Rural: Oudam 354, 23.6167°S 16.6833°E (SMWN). Mariental Rural: Stampried, 24.3333°S 18.4000°E (SMWN). Mariental Urban: C19, 11 km W Mariental, 24.6167°S 17.8500°E (CB). Gibeon: C14, 1 km W Maltahöhe, 24.8589°S 16.9751°E (CB); Alwynkop, 24.9167°S 16.2333°E (SMWN); Wolwedans 144, 25.1000°S 15.9833°E (SMWN). [Karas] Berseba: C14, 1 km N Helmeringhausen, 25.8771°S 16.8233°E (CB). Keetmanshoop Rural: Koes, 25.9500°S 19.1167°E (SMWN); Khabus 146, 26.3000°S 18.2167°E (SMWN); C11, 1 km jct. M26, 27.0915°S 19.5372°E (CB). Lüderitz: Plateu 38, 26.6667°S 16.5333°E (SMWN). Karasburg: Hobas 374, 27.6167°S 17.7167°E (SMWN).

Other records: Damaraland ( Kaszab 1956, as ab. biluteocingulata, type locality); Namib Sand Sea desert ( Seely 2012); Namibia ( Bologna 2000a) .

Remarks. Types of this very distinctive species were not examined.














Hycleus tinctus

Bologna, Marco A., Amore, Valentina & Pitzalis, Monica 2018

Hycleus matabele ( Péringuey, 1909 )

Bologna & Amore & Pitzalis 2018

Coryna tincta

Bologna 1978

Mylabris matabele Péringuey, 1909

Peringuey 1909

Mylabris tincta

Erichson 1843
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