Hycleus amoenus (Marseul, 1872) Bologna & Amore & Pitzalis, 2018

Bologna, Marco A., Amore, Valentina & Pitzalis, Monica, 2018, Meloidae of Namibia (Coleoptera): taxonomy and faunistics with biogeographic and ecological notes, Zootaxa 4373 (1), pp. 1-141 : 67-70

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Hycleus amoenus


Cb) Hycleus amoenus species group

This southern African group of species is well distinct by the reduced number of antennomeres (eigth) and molecular analyses ( Pitzalis 2007) pointed out its division in some sub-groups. Because of the antennal feature, the species of this group were erroneously referred to the genus Actenodia (see Bologna et al. 2008a), but actually they belong to Hycleus , as pointed out by Bologna & Pinto (2002), and by Pitzalis (2007). This group includes (Pitzalis & Bologna in preparation): H. amoenus , H. bushmanicus , H. deserticolus , H. devylderi , H. kochi , H. politus , H. vansoni , and the new species H. planitiei .

Two other eastern African and Arabic species, namely H. afrotropicus ( Kaszab, 1983) and H. yemenicus ( Kaszab, 1983) have a similar reduced number of antennomeres (Bologna 1990; Bologna & Turco 2007) and for this reason they were erroneously described as Actenodia ( Kaszab 1983) . Relationships between these two assemblages of species are not defined, but probably the reduction of antennomeres is only a parallelism more than a synapomorphic condition.

Hycleus amoenus ( Marseul, 1872) comb. n. ( Fig. 4J View FIGURE4 )

Actenodia amoena Marseul, 1872 ; Kaszab 1952

Actenodia amoena ssp. anthicoides Kaszab, 1955b syn. n.

Types. Types of this species were examined at MNHN, and those of the ssp. anthicoides at NHP.

Distribution. Botswana, southwestern Namibia (new species record for this country), and western South Africa.

Material examined. [Karas] Lüderitz: Kaukausib Riverbed , Diamond Area 1, 26.8833°S 15.4167°E (CB; SMWN) GoogleMaps ; C13, 4.5 km N Rosh Pinah , 27.82909°S 16.72726°E (CB). GoogleMaps

Other records: Namibia ( Pitzalis et al. 2014) .

Remarks. Kaszab (1955b) described the ssp. anthicoides from the South African Richtersveld, just close to the southwestern Namibian border. After the examination of several specimens of different populations, we consider this subspecies as a synonym of the nominate form.

Hycleus bushmanicus ( Kaszab, 1952) ( Fig. 4K View FIGURE4 )

Actenodia bushmanica Kaszab, 1952

Distribution. South Namibia and northwestern South Africa.

Material examined and literature records. [Hardap] Mariental Urban: 11 km W Mariental (road C19), 24.6167°S 17.8500°E (CB). [Karas] Keetmanshoop Rural: D608, 35 km S Keetmanshoop, 26.90790°S 18.26411°E (CB); D608, 87 km S Keetmanshoop, 27.32571°S 18.27616°E (CB); D608, 95.5 km S Keetmanshoop, 27.37944°S 18.22418°E (CB); C12, 33 km W Grunau, 27.57847°S, 18.10557°E (CB). Karasburg: M21, 21.5 km S Karasburg, 28.20340°S 18.72978°E (CB); M21, 4 km N Warmbad, 28.39832°S 18.75766°E (CB); C13, 44.5 km N Noordoewer, Grape Valley, 28.41803°S 17.44408°E (CB); C10, 23 km N Velloorsdrif, 28.52194°S 19.18402°E (CB).

Other records: Namibia ( Bologna 2000a; Pitzalis et al. 2014).

Remarks. Types of this species were examined at NHP.

Hycleus deserticolus Wellman, 1908 ( Fig. 4L View FIGURE4 )

Actenodia deserticola Wellman, 1908 Zonabris (Actenodia) annulipes Pic, 1910 Actenodia annulipes, Kaszab 1955

Distribution. Southern Angola, Namibia .

Material examined and literature records. [Kunene] Epupa: Hartmann's Valley, 17.3833°S 12.2500°E (SMWN); Dunes, 17.3833°S 12.2500°E (SMWN); Okakatuwo, 17.4000°S 12.7333°E (SMWN); Okakatuwo, 17.4500°S 12.7000°E (SMWN); Kandao, 17.6167°S 12.5000°E (SMWN); Ondundujengo River, 17.8000°S 12.3167°E (SMWN). Opuwo: 30 km WNW Orupembe, 18.1167°S 12.3500°E (SMWN); Oropembe, 18.1833°S 12.5167°E (SMWN); Kaokoveld, Anabib (Orupembe), 100 miles W Ohopoho, 18.1833°S 12.5167°E ( Kaszab 1956, as ab. anticedisrupta: Kaszab, 1956); Kaokoveld, Orupembe, 18.1833°S 12.5167°E ( Kaszab 1956, as ab. anticedisrupta); Kaokoveld, Sanitatas, 85 miles WSW Ohopoho, 18.2833°S 12.6667°E ( Kaszab, 1956); Kunene distr., C43, 18.9562°S 13.7573°E (CB). Sesfontein: Khowarib River, 19.2667°S 13.8667°E (SMWN); D2650, near Kamanjab, 19.8087°S 14.5128°E (CB). Kamanjab: C35, 35 km NW Kamanjab, 19.5000°S 14.8000°E (CB); C40, 26 km E Kamanjab, 19.6957°S 15.1046°E (CB); C39, 25 km E Khorixas, 20.3061°S 15.1867°E (CB). Khorixas: Bethanis 514. 20.4000°S 14.4000°E (SMWN); Twyfelfontein, 20.5667°S 14.3667°E (SMWN); C35, 54 km N Uis, 20.7788°S 14.8692°E (CB); Duineveld 529, 20.7833°S 14.6333°E (SMWN); Onverwag 412, 20.8370°S 14.9610°E (SMWN). [Kavango] Mashari: Kaukau-Kungveld, Samengaigai, 19.0833°S 20.2000°E ( Kaszab 1956 as ab. anticedisrupta:). [Otjozondjupa] Otjiwarongo: C63, Outjo-Kalkfeld 15 km N of Kalkfeld, 20.7537°S 16.2210°E (CB). [Erongo] Dâures: Brandberg, Hungorob Valley, 21.1900°S 14.5282°E ( Bologna 2000a; SMWN); Brandberg, Messum valley, 21.2215°S 14.5163°E ( Bologna 2000a; SMWN); C35, 2 km E Uis, 21.2325°S 14.8973°E (CB); Gross Spitzkoppe, 21.8167°S 15.1667°E (CB); Spitskoppe, 21.8518°S 15.1484°E (CP; SMWN). Omaruru: near Omaruru, 21.4333°S 15.9333°E (CP). Karibib: D1935, 30 km N jct. B2, 21.7732°S 15.4699°E (CB); D1935, 30 km NNW Usakos, 21.7833°S 15.5000°E (CB); Karibib-Okahandja, 21.9333°S 15.8333°E (CP); B2, 16 km W Karibib, 21.9358°S 15.7056°E (CB); Karibib, 21.9417°S 15.8509°E (CB); Usakos, D1935 6 km N jct. B2, 21.9475°S 15.5851°E (CB); Karibib, D 1953, 100 m jct. C32, 21.9552°S 15.8493°E (CB); B2, 16 km W Karibib, 21.9702°S 15.6868°E (CB); B2, 2, 6 km W Usakos, 21.9989°S 15.5647°E (CB); B2, 2 km W Usakos, 21.9992°S 15.5696°E (CB); Navachab 67, 22.0167°S 15.7333°E (SMWN); D1980, 27 km S Karibib, 22.1500°S 15.8333°E (CB); C32, 42 km S Karibib, 22.29447°S 15.8351°E (CB); D1953, near Karibib, 45 km jct. C32, 22.2963°S 16.0658°E (CB); C32, 54 km S Karibib, Swakop River, 22.3954°S 15.8343°E (CB). Arandis: Rossing Mine, 22.4667°S 15.0333°E (SMWN); N Namib, 22.5667°S 14.7167°E (SMWN); C14, Kuiseb Pass, 23.3045°S 15.7526°E (CB); C14, Kuiseb River, 23.30457°S 15.77184°E (CB). Walvis Bay Rural: Rostock, Windhoek, 23.3833°S 15.7500°E (SMWN); C14, 36 km N Solitaire, 23.5823°S 15.8182°E (CB). [Omaheke] Aminius: C20, Gobabis-Leonardville 5 km S of Aais, 23.2593°S 18.7237°E (CB). [Khomas] Windhoek Rural: Kos 28, 23.2667°S 16.1333°E (SMWN); D1228, 7 km ENE Rehoboth, 23.2833°S 17.2333°E (CB). [Hardap] Rehoboth Rural: B1, 28.5 km S Rehoboth, 23.5833°S 17.1500°E (CB). Gibeon: C19, 8 km S Solitaire, 23.9774°S 16.0063°E (CB); Waltevrede Game Farm, 24.1779°S 15.9802°E (CB); C14, 10 km S Waltevrede, 24.2377°S 15.9040°E (CB); Sesriem 137, River, 24.4833°S 15.9500°E (SMWN); C14, 1 km W Maltahöhe, 24.8589°S 16.9751°E (CB); Wereldend 115, 25.1500°S 16.2333°E (SMWN); Gorrasis 99, 25.3184°S 15.9089°E (SMWN). Mariental Urban: C19, 11 km W Mariental, 24.6167°S 17.8500°E (CB). Mariental Rural: M29, 25 km E Mariental, 24.7825°S 18.1612°E (CB); M 29, 118 km S Mariental, 25.4479°S 18.6138°E (CB). [Karas] Keetmanshoop Rural: Khabus 146, 26.2833°S 18.2333°E (SMWN); Khabus 146, 26.3000°S 18.2167°E (SMWN); Karas distr., 27.1352°S 19.4941°E (CB). Keetmanshoop Urban: B1, near Keetmanshoop, 26.5833°S 18.1333°E (CB). Berseba: B4, 73 km W Keetmanshoop, 26.7809°S 17.4657°E (CB). Karasburg: 5 km S Warmbad, 28.4833°S 18.7667°E (SMWN).

Other records: Namib Sand Sea desert ( Seely 2012); Namibia ( Bologna 2000a; Pitzalis et al. 2014).

Remarks. Types of annulipes were examined at MNHN.

Hycleus devylderi ( Borchmann, 1928) ( Fig. 4M View FIGURE4 )

Actenodia devylderi Borchmann, 1928

Distribution. Namibia (endemic).

Material examined and literature records. [Kunene] Khorixas: N of Doros Crater, Skeleton Coast Park, 20.3667°S 14.1333°E ( SMWN). [Otjozondjupa] Otjiwarongo: C63, Outjo-Kalkfeld GoogleMaps , 15 km N of Kalkfeld, 20.7537°S 16.2210°E (CB). Okahandja GoogleMaps : 30 km W Okahandja, 21.9260°S 16.5768°E (CB; CP). [Erongo] Dâures: Brandberg, Hungorob Mouth, 21.2267°S 14.5167°E ( Bologna 2000a, as sp. aff. devylderi ; SMWN); Messum River GoogleMaps , 21.2500°S 14.4667°E (SMWN); D2342, 17 km SE Messum Valley, 21.3048°S 14.6574°E (CB). Omaruru: C33, 3– 9 km S of Omaruru, 21.4948°S 15.9705°E (CB). Karibib: D2306, 33 km N Usakos, 21.7764°S 15.4578°E (CB); D1935, 30 km NNW Usakos, 21.7833°S 15.5000°E (CB); C33, 17 km jct. B2, 21.8390°S 15.9233°E (CB); B2, 16 km W Karibib, 21.9358°S 15.7056°E (CB); D1953, jct. C32, 21.9552°S 15.8493°E (CB); B2, 8 km W Usakos , 21.9876°S 15.5057°E (CB); B2, 2 GoogleMaps , 6 km W Usakos, 21.9989°S 15.5647°E (CB); D1953, 6 km jct. C32, 22.0078°S 15.8861°E (CB); B2, Swakopmund-Usakos GoogleMaps , 210 km W Usakos, 22.0199°S 15.5296°E (CB); B2, 52 km W Usakos, 22.1499°S 15.1930°E (CB); D1953, 45 km jct. C32, 22.2963°S 16.0658°E (CB). Arandis GoogleMaps : 6 km N Arandis, 22.3667°S 14.9833°E ( SMWN); Upper Ostrich Gorge, 22.4833°S 14.9833°E ( SMWN); Upper Panner Gorge, 22.4833°S 15.0167°E ( SMWN). Walvis Bay Rural: C14, 45 km N Solitaire, 23.5364°S 15.7827°E (CB). [Khomas] Windhoek Rural: Windhoek, Heroes Acre, 22.62°S 17.07°E, ( OSU); D1261, Nauchas-Rehoboth GoogleMaps , 1–40 km NW Nauchas, 23.5763°S 16.4588°E (CB). [Hardap] Gibeon: C14, 10 km S Waltevrede, 24.2377°S 15.9040°E (CB); C14, Maltahohe-Bullsport, after Fish River GoogleMaps , 24.4022°S 16.8217°E (CB). [Karas] Lüderitz: near Aus, 26.6667°S 16.2667°E (CP). GoogleMaps

Other records: Damaraland ( Borchmann 1928); Namibia ( Bologna 2000a, also as “sp. aff. devylderi ”; Pitzalis et al. 2014).

Remarks. Types of this species were not examined, but specimens compared with types were studied at HMNH.

Hycleus kochi ( Kaszab, 1952) ( Fig. 4N View FIGURE4 )

Actenodia kochi Kaszab, 1952

Distribution. Namibia (endemic).

Material examined and literature records. [Kunene] Epupa: C43, near Opuwo , 17.8554°S 13.7981°E (CB). Opuwo: D3710, near Opuwo, 18.1589°S 13.9173°E (CB); D3710, near Opuwo, 18.2011°S 13.8994°E (CB) GoogleMaps ; Kunene distr., C43, 18.6788°S 13.7135°E (CB) GoogleMaps ; Kunene distr., C43, 18.7599°S 13.7489°E (CB); C 35, 110 km NW Kamanjab GoogleMaps , 18.9167°S 14.3833°E (CB). Outjo: Abachaus , 19.7167°S 16.5800°E ( Kaszab, 1952; SMWN) GoogleMaps . Kamanjab: C38, 40 km N Outjo, 19.80883°S 15.91281°E (CB). [Oshikoto] Guinas: C38, 1 km jct. B1, 18.7725°S 17.2491°E (CB). Omuthiyagwiipundi: Site 1/ Row D, Term. / Tamboti forest GoogleMaps , 18.8725°S 17.0550°E (SMWN). [Otjozondjupa] Grootfontein: D2859, Hoba Meteorite , 19.5833°S 17.9333°E (CB). Otjiwarongo: B1, 13.6 km N Otjiwarongo GoogleMaps , 20.3728°S 16.7393°E (CB); Hedwigstal 77, 20.8750°S 16.1250°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . Omatako: 140 km N Okahandja, 20.4925°S 16.9872°E (CP); Waterberg , jct. C22-2512, 20.6333°S 17.1500°E (CB); B1, 28 km S Otjiwarongo, 20.6806°S 16.7787°E (CB); Erindi Osave 170, Otjiwarongo , 20.9800°S 16.7600°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . Okahandja: Ovita , 21.5228°S 16.2539°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . [Omaheke] Steinhausen: Alkm ar 512, 21.8700°S 19.8800°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . [Khomas] Windhoek Rural: Windhoek, D 1535, 5 km jct. B6, 22.3681°S 17.6675°E (CB). [Karas] Keetmanshoop Rural: Noachabeb 97/ Rotegab 95, 27.3833°S 18.4667°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . Karasburg: Eendoorn 106, 28.7333°S 18.9667°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps .

Other records: Namib Sand Sea desert ( Seely 2012); Namibia ( Bologna 2000a; Pitzalis et al. 2014).

Remarks. Types of this species were examined at NHP and at HMNH.


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Hycleus amoenus

Bologna, Marco A., Amore, Valentina & Pitzalis, Monica 2018

Hycleus amoenus ( Marseul, 1872 )

Bologna & Amore & Pitzalis 2018

Actenodia amoena ssp. anthicoides

Kaszab 1955

ssp. anthicoides

Kaszab 1955

Actenodia annulipes

, Kaszab 1955

Actenodia bushmanica

Kaszab 1952

Actenodia kochi

Kaszab 1952

Actenodia devylderi

Borchmann 1928

Zonabris (Actenodia) annulipes

Pic 1910

Hycleus deserticolus

Wellman 1908

Actenodia deserticola

Wellman 1908

Actenodia amoena

Marseul 1872