Mimesthes Marseul, 1872

Bologna, Marco A., Amore, Valentina & Pitzalis, Monica, 2018, Meloidae of Namibia (Coleoptera): taxonomy and faunistics with biogeographic and ecological notes, Zootaxa 4373 (1), pp. 1-141 : 42

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4373.1.1

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Mimesthes Marseul, 1872


Genus Mimesthes Marseul, 1872

The genus was revised by Bologna (2000b), who described also the first instar larvae. The two Namibian species belong to two distinct groups.

Mimesthes maculicollis Marseul, 1872 ( Fig. 2V View FIGURE 2 )

Distribution. Southern Namibia and western South Africa

Material examined and literature records. [Karas] Lüderitz: Aus , 26.6667°S 16.2667°E (JP); near Aus, 26.6667°S 16.2667°E (JP); C13, 20 km S Aus, 26.84238°S 16.31281°E (CB); Kaukasib Riverbed, Diamond Area 1, 26.8833°S 15.4167°E ( Bologna 2000b; CB; SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Namukluft 88, 27.8000°S 16.8667°E ( Bologna 2000b; SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Obib dunes E, 28.0333°S 16.6167°E ( Bologna 2000b; SMWN) GoogleMaps . Keetmanshoop Rural : D608, 95.5 km S Keetmanshoop, 27.37944°S 18.22418°E (CB). Karasburg: C12, 33 km W Grunau, 27.71095°S 18.33073°E (CB); Warmbad, Ortmansbaus 120, 28.3000°S 18.7000°E ( Bologna 2000b; SMWN) GoogleMaps ; 3 km S of Gamchab River, 28.3167°S 17.4000°E ( Bologna 2000b; SMWN) GoogleMaps ; C10, 23 km N Velloorsdrif, 28.52194°S 19.18402°E (CB); Eendoorn 106, 28.7333°S 18.9667°E ( Bologna 2000b; SMWN). Oranjemund: Boom River course, kloof W, 21 km N of Orange River (ENE of Rosh Pinar ), 27.8500°S 17.0333°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Rosh Pinah , 27.8833°S 16.8333°E ( Bologna 2000b; NHP) GoogleMaps ; 10 km NW Rosh Pinah , 27.9000°S 16.7000°E ( Bologna 2000b; SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Rosh Pinah , 27.9333°S 16.7833°E ( Bologna 2000b; SMWN) GoogleMaps ; 2 km ENE Rosh Pinah , 27.9333°S 16.7833°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; 3 km NW Rosh Pinah , 27.9667°S 16.7833°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Boom River course, 4 km N of Orange River (ENE of Rosh Pinah ), 28.0083°S 17.0500°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Sendelingedrift, Diamond Area 1, 28.1167°S 16.8333°E ( Bologna 2000b; SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Obib Dunes , 28.1667°S 16.8000°E ( Bologna 2000b; NHP; SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Daberas, Diamond Area 1, 28.2000°S 16.8167°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Skilpadberg, Diamond Area 1, 28.4500°S 16.6500°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Skilpadberg, Diamond Area 1, 28.4333°S 16.6500°E ( Bologna 2000b; SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Hohenfels, Diamond Area 1, 28.5000°S 16.6167°E ( Bologna, 2000b; SMWN) GoogleMaps .

Other records: Namib Sand Sea desert (Seeely 2012); Namibia ( Bologna 2000a; Pitzalis et al. 2014).

Remarks. Probable syntypes of this species were examined at MNHN.

Mimesthes nigricollis Kaszab, 1981 ( Fig. 2W View FIGURE 2 )

Distribution. Southwestern Namibia (endemic).

Material examined and literature records. [Karas] Lüderitz: Sargdeckel, Klinghardt Mts., 27.4000°S 15.6833°E ( Bologna 2000b; CB; NHP; SMWN); Obib Dunes E, 28.0333°S 16.6167°E ( Kaszab 1981; Bologna 2000b; SMWN); Rooilpel, Schakalsberge, 28.2500°S 16.6500°E (SMWN). Oranjemund: South Namib, Obib Dunes, 28.1667°S 16.8000°E ( Kaszab 1981; Bologna 2000b; CB; NHP; SMWN).

Other records: Namibia ( Bologna 2000a) .

Remarks. Several paratypes of this species were examined at NHP and CB.












Mimesthes Marseul, 1872

Bologna, Marco A., Amore, Valentina & Pitzalis, Monica 2018

Mimesthes nigricollis

Kaszab 1981

Mimesthes maculicollis

Marseul 1872
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