Actenodia Laporte de Castelnau, 1840

Bologna, Marco A., Amore, Valentina & Pitzalis, Monica, 2018, Meloidae of Namibia (Coleoptera): taxonomy and faunistics with biogeographic and ecological notes, Zootaxa 4373 (1), pp. 1-141 : 40-42

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Actenodia Laporte de Castelnau, 1840


Genus Actenodia Laporte de Castelnau, 1840

The genus was revised by Bologna et al. (2008a), and we refer to that study for taxonomical and phylogenetic details. Actually, recent molecular studies (Salvi et al., in preparation) pointed out that probably the Palaearctic and the Afrotropical phyletic lines distinct in that revision ( Bologna et al. 2008a) represent two distinct genera or subgenera.

The two Namibian species belong to very distinct groups: A. chrysomelina to a group which includes five species distributed from Ethiopia to South Africa and Namibia ; A. mirabilis refers to a greatly distinct monotypic group, distributed only in the Succulent Karoo desert of both SW Namibia (Diamond area) and northwestern South Africa (Richtersveld).

Actenodia chrysomelina (Erichson, 1843) ( Fig. 2T View FIGURE 2 )

Mylabris (Actenodia) chrysomelina Erichson, 1843 Actenodia wahlbergi Fåhraeus, 1870

Actenodia schultzei Pic, 1908

Actenodia discrepans Péringuey, 1909 Actenodia multimaculata Pic, 1932

Distribution. Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia , and northern South Africa.

Material examined and literature records (all the following Namibian records were cited by Bologna et al. 2008). [Kunene] Epupa : Okakatuwo , 17.4000°S 12.7333°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Hippo Pool on Kunene River 20 km W of Ruacana , 17.4092°S 14.2185°E (CB); Okakatuwo GoogleMaps , 17.4500°S 12.7000°E (SMWN). Opuwo: Opuwo town , 18.0500°S 13.8333°E (CB) GoogleMaps ; 6 km NE Orumana , 18.2167°S 13.9500°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; C35, Kamanjab-Ruacana 46 km S of cross-road for Opuwo , 18.3280°S 14.3035°E (CB); Okumutati GoogleMaps , 18.8667°S 14.3500°E (SMWN); C35, Kamanjab-Ruacana , 18.9027°S 14.3903°E (CB). Sesfontein: Warmquelle GoogleMaps , 19.1833°S 13.8167°E (SMWN); D2650, near Kamanjab , 19.8087°S 14.5128°E (CB). Kamanjab: Beulah 256 GoogleMaps , 19.6000°S 14.9167°E (SMWN); Kamanjab , 19.6333°S 14.8333°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; C40, 26 km E Kamanjab, 19.6957°S 15.1046°E (CB); Outjo- Kamanjab, 95 km N of Outjo GoogleMaps , 19.8040°S 15.3290°E (CB); Otjitambi, 19.8167°S 15.1667°E (SMWN); C39, 25 km E Khorixas, 20.3061°S 15.1867°E (CB). [Omusati] Ruacana: C46, Ruacana Falls GoogleMaps , 17.4000°S 14.2833°E (CB); outside Ruacana Town GoogleMaps , 17.4500°S 14.3667°E (SMWN); Ekango , 18.6833°S 14.3167°E ( SMWN). Outapi: Mahanene Agric GoogleMaps . Research Station , 17.4333°S 14.7833°E ( SMWN). Ogongo: C46, Ruacana-Oshakati 5 km E of Ombalantu (= Uutapi) GoogleMaps , 17.5405°S 15.0403°E (CB); Ogongo Agric. College, 17.6833°S 15.2833°E ( SMWN). Elim: C46, near Uutapi, 15 km NW Oshakatioad GoogleMaps , 17.6833°S 15.5167°E (CB). Etayi: C46, Ruacana-Oshakati, 20 km W of Oshakati GoogleMaps , 17.6937°S 15.5476°E (CB). Okahao: C35, Kamanjab-Ruacana, 25 km NW of Kamanjab GoogleMaps , 18.4775°S 14.6977°E (CB); Etosha N.P., site 5/Row D, 18.9797°S 15.1128°E ( SMWN); C35, Kamanjab-Ruacana 77 km NW of Kamanjab GoogleMaps , 19.2528°S 14.4442°E (CB). [Oshana] Okatana: D3609, Oshakati-Ongenga 3 km N of jct. with C46 GoogleMaps , 17.7377°S 15.6727°E (CB). [Kavango] Kapako: Fontein Omuramba GoogleMaps , 17.8833°S 19.7000°E (SMWN). Rundu Rural: Rundu , 17.9333°S 19.7667°E (CB) GoogleMaps ; West Okawango, 18.50°S 19.50°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . Mukwe: Shadikongoro , 18.0167°S 21.3667°E ( SMWN). [Caprivi] Linyandi: 100 km SW Katima Mulilo GoogleMaps , 17.6082°S 24.2324°E (CP). [Oshikoto] Oniipa: B1, 20 km SE Ondangwaroad) GoogleMaps , 17.9833°S 16.1333°E (CB). [Onayena]: B1, Ondangwa- Tsumeb 26 km SE of Ondangwa GoogleMaps , 18.0402°S 16.2037°E (CB). Omuthiyagwiipundi: Okashana Agric. Exper. Sta., 18.4167°S 16.65°E (SMWN); 30 km E Etosha N.P., Mokuti Lodge, 18.8000°S 17.0333°E (CB). [Otjozondjupa] Tsumkwe: C44, 52 km jct. B8 GoogleMaps , 19.2428°S 19.0481°E (CB); Dobe, 19.4167°S 20.6000°E (SMWN); Bakara pan, 19.6500°S 20.7833°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; 10 km SE Tsumkwe , 19.6833°S 20.6167°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; 3 km W Kuru , 19.933°S 20.6330°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . Otavi: Dakota 424, 19.4941°S 17.1287°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . Okakarara: Okakarara , 20.5833°S 17.4333°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . Omatako : Hamakari Sud 373, 20.6667°S 17.3833°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Hamakari Sud 285, 20.6667°S 17.4000°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; B1, 28 km S Otjiwarongo , 20.6806°S 16.7787°E (CB); 100 km N Okahandja GoogleMaps , 21.0920°S 16.8280°E (CP); D2414, Etjo-Kalkfeld 38 km SE of Kalkfeld GoogleMaps , 21.1288°S 16.3883°E (CB). Otjiwarongo: C63, Outjo-Kalkfeld 15 km N of Kalkfeld GoogleMaps , 20.7537°S 16.2210°E (CB). Okahandja: B2, Okahandja 35 km W, 21.9340°S 16.5563°E (CB); Okahandja, 21.9833°S 16.9167°E (CP; SMWN); Gross Barmen, 22.1000°S 16.7500°E (CP). [Erongo] Omaruru: C33, 6 km S Omaruru GoogleMaps , 21.4824°S 15.9508°E (CB); C33, 3– 9 km S of Omaruru GoogleMaps , 21.4948°S 15.9705°E (CB).[Khomas] Windhoek Rural: Hochberg 158 GoogleMaps , 21.9167°S 17.7167°E (SMWN); Excelsior 286, 22.4500°S 17.6333°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Daan Park , 22.5333°S 16.9667°E (CP); Richthofen 126 GoogleMaps . 22.5667°S 17.7500°E (SMWN); Arnhem 222, 22.7000°S 18.1167°E ( SMWN); C23, 26 km S Dordabis GoogleMaps , 23.0575°S 17.9329°E (CB). [Omaheke] Steinhausen: Gobabis, C 22, 23 km jct. B6 GoogleMaps , 22.2533°S 18.9966°E (CB); Geiersberg, Omitara 109, 22.3213°S 18.0331°E (SMWN). Kalahari: Gobabis, C22, 12 km N jct. B6, 22.3613°S 19.0034°E (CB); C20, Gobabis-Leonardville 16 km S of Gobabis GoogleMaps , 22.9500°S 18.9422°E (CB). Gobabis: Gobabis, C22, 2 km N jct. B6, 22.4205°S 19.0037°E (CB); C20, Gobabis-Leonardville 69 km S of Gobabis GoogleMaps , 22.9725°S 18.7375°E (CB); C20, Gobabis-Leonardville 10 km N of Aais GoogleMaps , 22.9742°S 18.7280°E (CB); 10 km E Witvlei , 22.4826°S 18.4939°E ( AMNH) GoogleMaps . Aminius: C20, Gobabis-Leonardville 5 km S of Aais, 23.2593°S 18.7237°E (CB). [Hardap] Mariental Rural: Gobabis, Aranoss GoogleMaps , 24.1333°S 19.1167°E (CP); Haruchas 156, 24.9500°S 18.8500°E (SMWN). Gibeon: C14, 1 km W Maltahöhe, 24.8589°S 16.9751°E (CB).[Karas] Keetmanshoop Rural: Wildheim Ost 384 GoogleMaps , 26.4833°S 19.5667°E (SMWN); Karas distr., 27.1352°S 19.4941°E (CB). Berseba: B4, 73 km W Keetmanshoop GoogleMaps , 26.7809°S 17.4657°E (CB).

Other records: W Okavango (SMWN); Damaraland ( Kaszab 1956, as ab. anticetripunctata and ab. erikssoni); Namib Sand Sea desert ( Seely 2012); SW Africa (SMWN); Namibia ( Bologna 2000a; Pitzalis et al. 2014).

Remarks. The holotype of this species was examined at MNB.

As pointed out by Bologna et al. (2008a), the elytral pattern and the antennal colour (from completely black to redorange) of this species are very variable, and consequently numerous synonyms have been described.

Actenodia mirabilis Kaszab, 1952 ( Fig. 2U View FIGURE 2 )

Distribution. Namibia (new species for this country) and northwestern South Africa.

Material examined and literature records (all the following Namibian records were cited by Bologna et al. 2008). [Karas] Lüderitz : Sargdeckel, Klinghardt Mts., Diamond Area 1, 27.3255°S 15.7498°E ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; Sargdeckel, Klinghardt Mts. , 27.3300°S 15.7500°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Klinghardt Mts., Diamond Area 1, 27.3500°S 15.7000°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Sargdeckel, Klinghardt Mts., Diamond Area 1, 27.4000°S 15.6833°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Obib dunes N, 27.9833°S 16.5500°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Obib dunes E, 28.0333°S 16.6167°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Obib dunes, Diamand Area , 28.1500°S 16.6500°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Obib dunes, Diamond Area , 28.1667°S 16.6833°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps . Oranjemund: Obib dunes, Diamand Area , 27.8833°S 16.5333°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; 10 km NW Rosh Pinah , 27.9000°S 16.7000°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Obib Mts. /dunes, Diamond Area , 28.0833°S 16.7500°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Obib dunes S, 28.1667°S 16.8000°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps ; Daberas Gate, 8 km E, Diamond Area 1, 28.5500°S 16.5000°E ( SMWN) GoogleMaps .

Other records. Namib Sand Sea desert ( Seely 2012). We examined also one specimen from Keetmanshoop (ix.1925: AMNH). Being this species strictly related to Succulent Karoo, probably this old record refers generically to the Ketmanshoop district more than to the town, which is positioned in the Nama Karoo ecosystem.

Remarks. The holotype and two paratypes of this species were examined at NHP.

The maintenance of this very distinct species in the genus needs support by molecular analyses.


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Actenodia Laporte de Castelnau, 1840

Bologna, Marco A., Amore, Valentina & Pitzalis, Monica 2018

Actenodia mirabilis

Kaszab 1952

Actenodia multimaculata

Pic 1932

Actenodia discrepans Péringuey, 1909

Peringuey 1909

Actenodia schultzei

Pic 1908
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