Calliopsini Robertson

Gonzalez, Victor H., Smith-Pardo, Allan H. & Engel, Michael S., 2017, Phylogenetic Relationships Of A New Genus Of Calliopsine Bees From Peru, With A Review Of Spinoliella Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Andrenidae), Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2017 (412), pp. 1-72 : 11

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Calliopsini Robertson


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Calliopsinae Robertson, 1922: 160. Type genus: Calliopsis Smith, 1853 . Michener, 1997: 62; Engel, 2005: 7.

DIAGNOSIS: Body frequently somewhat robust; integument not metallic and usually with yellow or cream-colored areas. Anterior tentorial pit in outer subantennal sulcus. Episternal groove short, arching into scrobal groove and not extending below latter; forewing with two submarginal cells. Female S5 with distal margin convex medially; S6 with curved marginal band of dense setae, sometimes broken medially; proximally with two broad, membranous lobes occupying space between apodemes. Male gonostylus absent or reduced to small setose projection or area; penis valve enlarged and of complex form; gonocoxa large, subglobose, and convex.

COMMENTS: The genera of Calliopsini were last revised by Ruz (1991), with additions by Roig-Alsina and Compagnucci (2003) and the new taxon described here. The current supraspecific classification is outlined in table 1.

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