Nigilgia Walker 1863,

Kallies, Axel, 2013, New and little known Brachodidae from tropical Asia and Papua New Guinea (Lepidoptera, Cossoidea), Zootaxa 3641 (3), pp. 241-259: 253

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Nigilgia Walker 1863


Nigilgia Walker 1863 

Nigilgia  ranges from southern Africa throughout tropical Africa, via the Arabian Peninsula to India, throughout south and southeastern Asia to Papua New Guinea and northeastern Australia. Seven species are known from Africa (Vari et al. 2002, Heppner 1981) and another nine from the remainder of its range (Kallies 2004, Kallies et al. 2007). The larval hostplants and biology of Nigilgia  are poorly known. Larvae of four species were recorded from the leaves of figs ( Ficus  spp., Moraceae  ) (Diakonoff 1986, Gielis 2008, and herein). Adults are usually diurnal, although occasionally they are attracted to light.