Rhytidothorax purpureiscutellum (Girault, 1915)

Rameshkumar, A., Poorani, J. & V, Naveen, 2015, Additions to the Encyrtidae and Mymaridae (Chalcidoidea) of India with new distribution and host records for some species, Biodiversity Data Journal 3, pp. 5216-5216: 5216

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Rhytidothorax purpureiscutellum (Girault, 1915)


Rhytidothorax purpureiscutellum (Girault, 1915)  

Ectromoides purpureiscutellum   Girault 1915: 168.

Rhytidothorax purpureiscutellum   : Noyes and Hayat 1984: 333.


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: recordedBy: A Rameshkumar; individualCount: 1; sex: female; lifeStage: Adult; Location: continent: Asia; country: India; stateProvince: Meghalaya; municipality: Jaintia hills; locality: Jowai ; verbatimElevation: 1297m; verbatimCoordinates: N25°27' E92°11'; Identification: identifiedBy: A Rameshkumar; Event: samplingProtocol: Net Sweep; eventDate: 11-06-2013; habitat: forest land; Record Level: institutionID: National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources; institutionCode: NBAIR GoogleMaps  


Female (Fig. 10). Body orange yellow with varying degrees of infuscation, head, abdomen, scutellum, pronotum and cephalic part of scutum at meson narrowly metallic; wings slightly yellowish throughout; scape concolorous; funicle and pedicel purple, club white; distal two funicle segments inclined to the paler; pedicel subequal to F1, F4 and F5 subequal, a little shorter, F6 still shorter, a little longer than wide; clava no wider than funicle and not quite half its length; cheeks about half the length of eyes; frons with some punctures; scutum finely scaly, scutellum glabrous; scutum with numerous obscure setigerous punctures, scutellum with only few; axillae separated for a short distance ( Girault 1915).


Australia ( Girault 1915). This is a new record for India (Meghalaya).