Drusus macedonicus Schmid, 1956

Vitecek, Simon, Kucinic, Mladen, Olah, Janos, Previsic, Ana, Balint, Miklos, Keresztes, Lujza, Waringer, Johann, Pauls, Steffen U. & Graf, Wolfram, 2015, Description of two new filtering carnivore Drusus species (Limnephilidae, Drusinae) from the Western Balkans, ZooKeys 513, pp. 79-104 : 87

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scientific name

Drusus macedonicus Schmid, 1956


Taxon classification Animalia Trichoptera Limnephilidae

Drusus macedonicus Schmid, 1956 Fig. 6

Material examined.

1 male: Macedonia, Jablanica Mt., Labunište; N41.271841, E20.558136; leg. Kučinić and Krpač; 19.IX.2013; in coll. MK. 1 male: Macedonia, Pelister Mt., springs of Caparska reka; N41.003889, E21.167944; leg. Graf and Previšić; 07.VII.2010; in coll. WG.

Type locality.

Macedonia, Pelister Mountains.


Adults. Habitus yellow; sternites and tergites fawn; cephalic and thoracic setal areas pale; cephalic and thoracic setation blond, abdominal setation scarce, blond; legs fawn; haustellum and intersegmental integument pale, whitish; wings yellow with blond setae on veins and membrane. Male maxillary palp 3-segmented; forewing length 10-12 mm; spur formula 1 –3– 3.

Male genitalia (Fig. 6). Tergite VIII fawn, setation lateral, scarce; spinose area in lateral view approximately flat, in dorsal view suboval, tapering cranially; flanked by membraneous, less sclerotized areas. Segment IX in lateral view ventrally deeply concave distally, with distinct medial and ventral caudad protrusion; in caudal view slightly wider dorsally than ventrally; with sharp, caudally approximately straight protrusion in dorsal half (best seen in dorsal and ventral views). Superior appendages in lateral view irregularly suboval, curved obtusely caudad in proximal quarter, proximally with an irregular dorsal and irregular ventral protuberance, longest in anterioposterior axis: approximately 2.5 times longer than high; in dorsal view proximally slightly concave medially; medial transverse section suboval. Intermediate appendages in lateral view with two rough tips: 1 curved dorso-posteriorly, 1 central, rounded; in dorsal view posterior tips adjacent, parallel; in caudal view subtriangular with slender lateral projections. Inferior appendages in lateral view approximately conical, proximally wide, distally slender; in ventral and dorsal views with medial tip and notch, separated by slight notch; in ventral view with longitudinal groove delimiting medial lobe. Parameres simple, with single dorsal tine in distal third.

Female depicted by Schmid (1956), Malicky (2004); larva in key presented by Vitecek et al. (in press); pupa unknown.


Micro-endemic of the Pelister and Jablanica Mountains, Hellenic Western Balkans (ecoregion 6) (Fig. 11).