Monatractides parviventris (K. Viets, 1935 )

Pešić, Vladimir & Smit, Harry, 2014, Torrenticolid water mites (Acari: Hydrachnidia: Torrenticolidae) from Malaysian Borneo, Zootaxa 3840 (1), pp. 1-72: 50-51

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Monatractides parviventris (K. Viets, 1935 )


Monatractides parviventris (K. Viets, 1935)  

( Figs. 28C–D View FIGURE 28 , 29C–D View FIGURE 29 , Tab. 5 View TABLE 5 )

Atractides parviventris K. Viets 1935: 574   .

Material examined. Malaysia, Borneo : unnamed stream Bansadon Trail , Inobong , Crocker Range , 5º51.456 N, 116º68.403 E, alt. 436 m asl., 18.ix.2012 Smit 4/1/0 (1/1/0 mounted); Kibamabangan River , GoogleMaps   Crocker Range, 5º51.280 N, 116º08.417 E, 433 m asl., 18.ix.2012 Smit 1/1/0; Mahua stream, Mahua, GoogleMaps   Crocker Range, 5º47.838 N, 116º24.510 E, alt. 1052 m asl., 21.ix.2012 Smit 1/2/2; Mahua stream, upstream, GoogleMaps   Crocker Range, 5º47.939 N, 116º24.317 E, alt. 1050 m asl., 21.ix.2012 Smit 2/1/0 (dorsal shield of female mounted); small stream waterfall trail GoogleMaps   Inobong, 5º51.306 N, 116º08.292 E, alt. 482 m asl., 19.ix.2012 Smit 2/0/0; Kipungit River , Poring Hot Springs, GoogleMaps   Mt Kinabalu , 6º02.776 N, 116º41.432 E, 568 m asl., 15.ix.2012 Smit 2/11/0; stream Kemantis, Sayap, GoogleMaps   Mt Kinabalu , 6º09.841 N, 116º33.936 E, alt. 928 m asl., 16.ix.2012 Smit1/2/0 (1/0/0 mounted); Great Lumotok stream, GoogleMaps   Mt Kinabalu , 6º09.336 N, 116º34.056 E, alt. 1087 m asl., 17.ix.2012 Smit 0/2/0; Little Lumotok stream, Sayap, GoogleMaps   Mt Kinabalu , 6º09.467 N, 116º34.027 E, alt. 1069 m asl., 17.ix.2012 Smit 8/15/2; Silau-Silau stream, upstream, GoogleMaps   Mt Kinabalu , 6º00.681 N, 116º32.417 E, alt. 1592 m asl., 11.ix.2012 Smit 0/1/0 (mounted); Liwagu River, upstream, GoogleMaps   Mt Kinabalu, 6º01.868 N, 116º32.912 E, alt. 1919 m asl., 11.ix.2012 Smit 0/1/0 GoogleMaps   .


General features —Idiosoma roundish; shoulder plates very short, shorter than frontal plates (shoulder/frontal plate L ratio 0.7–0.8); frontal margin with flat protrusions medial to the eyes; Cxgl–4 located far anteriorly, near tips of Cx-I; gnathosomal bay U-shaped; suture line of Cx-IV distinct, originating from lateral edge of genital field and extending posteriorly beyond posterior margin of genital field ( Figs. 29C–D View FIGURE 29 ); excretory pore and Vgl–2 away from the line of primary sclerotization, Vgl–2 posterior to excretory pore; gnathosoma with long dorsal apodemes; P-4 with well visible denticle near insertion of ventral setae. Male: medial margin of Cx-II/III short; genital field subrectangular; ejaculatory complex: proximal and distal arms well developed, carina anterior long, proximal chamber small. Female: genital field pentagonal, anteriorly enlarged, laterally straight, tapering posteriorly ( Fig. 29C View FIGURE 29 ).

Remarks: The specimens examined from Borneo agree well in general morphology with Monatractides parviventris (K. Viets, 1935)   , a species originally described from South Sumatra (K. Viets 1935) based on a single female and one deutonymph. The male was described by Lundblad (1971) from Central Java.

Wiles (1999) reported M. parviventris   from several sites in the catchment area of the River Belalong in North Brunei. He mentioned variability of his specimens in the shape of the idiosoma (rounded to oval) and in the fusion between the median margins of frontal plates. We also found a mixed populations with separate ( Fig. 28C View FIGURE 28 ) and fused ( Fig. 28D View FIGURE 28 ) frontal plates.

As stated by Wiles (1999) the taxonomy of this species needs further investigation, probably with application of molecular techniques. However, unfortunately our effort to obtain the mtCOI fragment from specimens of this species from Borneo, was not successful (see under Molecular results).

Distribution. Sumatra (“ Atractides parviventris ” K. Viets 1935   ), Java (“ Torrenticola parviventris ” Lundblad 1971   ), Thailand ( Pešić & Smit 2009b).














Monatractides parviventris (K. Viets, 1935 )

Pešić, Vladimir & Smit, Harry 2014

Atractides parviventris K. Viets 1935: 574

Viets, K. 1935: 574