Prionocyphon tolgaensis Watts, 2010b

Zwick, Peter, 2016, Australian Marsh Beetles (Coleoptera: Scirtidae). 9. The relations of Australasian Ypsiloncyphon species to their Asian congeners, additions, mainly to Petrocyphon and Prionocyphon, and a key to Australian genera of Scirtinae, Zootaxa 4085 (2), pp. 151-198 : 172

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Prionocyphon tolgaensis Watts, 2010b


Prionocyphon tolgaensis Watts, 2010b  

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Material studied. 1♂: Mt. Spec. NQ. 1/ GB / J. G. Brooks bequest 1976   ; 2♂: 11.43S 142.41E 12km EbyN Heathland Qld 15-26 Jan. 1992 T.Weir, J.Naumann at light, closed forest GoogleMaps   ; 1♂: 11.50S 142.30E QLD Bertie Ck. Xing 12km SW Heathlands 15-26 Jan.1992 T.A.Weir, I.D.Naumann at light GoogleMaps   ; 1♂: 20.23S 144.47E QLD White Montains NP Rugged Gorge camp 31 Mar.-3 Apr., 2000 T.Weir (all ANIC).

Males of P. tolgaensis   were identified from fig. 35 of Watts (2010b). They have an unusually wide T8: the plate is about twice as wide as the distance between its straight apodemes. The penis is flat, and the upcurved tip of trigonium bears fine denticles. The endophallus is armed with several very slender and long teeth.