Austrocyphon curvispina Zwick, 2013c

Zwick, Peter, 2016, Australian Marsh Beetles (Coleoptera: Scirtidae). 9. The relations of Australasian Ypsiloncyphon species to their Asian congeners, additions, mainly to Petrocyphon and Prionocyphon, and a key to Australian genera of Scirtinae, Zootaxa 4085 (2), pp. 151-198 : 186

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Austrocyphon curvispina Zwick, 2013c


Austrocyphon curvispina Zwick, 2013c  

( Figs 87, 88 View FIGURES 87 − 89 )

New material studied. 1♂, 1♀: 36.36S 149.23E NSW Brown Mountain 28 Dec.1988 C.Reid streamside bushes ( ANIC). 1♂: Australia, NSW, Snowy Mts, Snowy R., Bridge downstream from Spillway of Island Bend Pondage 36.320°S 148.495°E 1151m 12.02.14 P&H.Zwick (PZ). 1♀ (presumed): Australia, NSW Melong [sic! Molong?], 12km N 32°59'S, 148°52E 27 October 1991 Tom Gush ( ANIC).

Austrocyphon curvispina   and some close relatives are very slender, BL/BW is ~2. Females were unknown. A pair of very slender Austrocyphon   taken at Brown Mountain (from where the species was already known) is believed to be conspecific. The female ( Fig. 87 View FIGURES 87 − 89 ) is even more slender than the male. Another similarly slender female is probably the same species ( Fig. 88 View FIGURES 87 − 89 ).


Royal Botanic Gardens, National Herbarium of New South Wales


Australian National Insect Collection