Prionocyphon monteithi Watts, 2010b

Zwick, Peter, 2016, Australian Marsh Beetles (Coleoptera: Scirtidae). 9. The relations of Australasian Ypsiloncyphon species to their Asian congeners, additions, mainly to Petrocyphon and Prionocyphon, and a key to Australian genera of Scirtinae, Zootaxa 4085 (2), pp. 151-198 : 183

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Prionocyphon monteithi Watts, 2010b


Prionocyphon monteithi Watts, 2010b  

( Fig. 77 View FIGURES 77, 78 , Table 2)

Material studied. 1♂: Bellenden Ker Range NQ, Summit TV station, 1560m, 17 Oct-. 5 Nov.1981 Earthwatch/ Qld.Museum, Malaise trap \ A.N.I.C. COLEOPTERA Voucher No.   83-0583 (ANIC).

The present specimen was collected in the same area as the type series and has a strongly sclerotized pala. The same is not shown in the illustrated specimen ( Watts 2010b: fig. 59) and not mentioned in the original description, and seems to have been broken. The pala is relatively wide and the axis pala-parameroids is straight. Individual sclerites can easily be traced in slide mounts. The endophallus was not observed.