Dipturus batis (Linnaeus, 1758)

Carneiro, Miguel, Martins, Rogélia, Landi, Monica & Costa, Filipe O., 2014, Updated checklist of marine fishes (Chordata: Craniata) from Portugal and the proposed extension of the Portuguese continental shelf, European Journal of Taxonomy 73, pp. 1-73: 15

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Dipturus batis (Linnaeus, 1758)


* Dipturus batis (Linnaeus, 1758)  

– Blue skate; Raia-oirega, Airoga, Arrai or Raia

Based on morphological analyses and on molecular phylogenetic relationships, Iglésias et al. (2010) revealed the existence of four distinct species in the northeastern Atlantic (namely D. cf. flossada   , D. cf. intermedia   , D. oxyrinchus   and D. nidarosiensis   ). The records of D. batis   off mainland Portugal, off the Azores and off Madeira can only be reclassified upon the formal revision of the Dipturus   species from the northeastern Atlantic, and taking into consideration the resurrections and the fully documented re-descriptions of both Dipturus   sp. cf. flossada (Risso, 1826)   and of Dipturus   sp. cf. intermedia (Parnell, 1837)   . Therefore, the species D. batis   was not counted in the total number of species in the current list