Australycra, Kirejtshuk & Lawrence, 1992

Lawrence, John F., 2019, Australian Nitidulinae: general review with descriptions of new genera and species (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae), Zootaxa 4657 (2), pp. 261-290 : 270

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Key to Species of Australycra

1. Elytral megasetae somewhat longer and thicker than microsetae and strongly overlapping one another within a longitudinal row ( Fig. 43 View FIGURES 31–46 ); both megasetae and microsetae decumbent; rows of shallow pits and associated microsetae less regular, with pits sparser and very finely margined; pronotal punctures somewhat finer and sparser, usually separated by a diameter or more, their interspaces more distinctly sculptured and slightly shiny; vertexal line complete; apex of tegmen ( Fig. 85 View FIGURES 79–92 ) broadly emarginate; apex of penis as in Fig. 81 View FIGURES 79–92 ; tegmen and penis ( Fig. 91 View FIGURES 79–92 ) singly curved in lateral view............. A. obscura (Blackburn)

- Elytral megasetae about as thick as and only slightly longer than microsetae and less strongly overlapping one another within longitudinal row ( Fig. 44 View FIGURES 31–46 ); megasetae and microsetae usually inclined, rather than decumbent; rows of shallow pits and associ- ated microsetae ( Figs 4 View FIGURES 1–12 , 44 View FIGURES 31–46 ) more regular, with pits denser and more distinctly margined; pronotal punctures coarser and denser, separated by less than a puncture diameter, their interspaces not or very finely sculptured and shiny; vertexal line incomplete at middle; apex of tegmen ( Fig. 88 View FIGURES 79–92 ) with narrow median incision; apex of penis as in Fig. 82 View FIGURES 79–92 ; tegmen and penis ( Fig. 92 View FIGURES 79–92 ) doubly curved in lateral view..................................................................... A. similis sp. nov.











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