Nychiodes quettensis, Wiltshire, 1966

Wanke, Dominic, Hausmann, Axel, Krogmann, Lars, Petrányi, Gergely & Rajaei, Hossein, 2020, Taxonomic revision of the genus Nychiodes Lederer, 1853 (Geometridae: Ennominae: Boarmiini) with description of three new species-an integrative approach, Zootaxa 4812 (1), pp. 1-61 : 21

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Nychiodes quettensis


Nychiodes quettensis   Wiltshire, 1966

( figs 36, 37, 103 View FIGURES 103-107 ; map 3)

Nychiodes quettensis   Wiltshire, 1966. Zeitschrift der Wiener entomologischen Gesellschaft, 51, 142. Holotype ♂ ( Pakistan: 80 km NW von Quetta ), (in NHMV, examined).  

Type material examined. Holotype, ♂, Pakistan, 15.v.1965, 80 km NW v. Quetta , 2100 m, leg. Kasy & Vartian.   Paratype, 1 ♂, same locality, leg. Kasy & Vartian, [genital] preparation WW-223; in NHMV   .

Diagnosis. Wingspan ♂ 34–36 mm. Ground colour of wings pale yellowish grey ( figs 36, 37). For this spe- cies, only the type series is available, showing, however, clear diagnostic characters (see diagnosis of N. princeps   ). Female genitalia of N. quettensis   unknown.

Phenology, biology and habitat. Unknown.

Distribution. Only known from the type locality in Pakistan (map 3). Distribution in Pakistan needs further investigation.

DNA barcoding. No data available.