Nychiodes waltheri, Wagner, 1919

Wanke, Dominic, Hausmann, Axel, Krogmann, Lars, Petrányi, Gergely & Rajaei, Hossein, 2020, Taxonomic revision of the genus Nychiodes Lederer, 1853 (Geometridae: Ennominae: Boarmiini) with description of three new species-an integrative approach, Zootaxa 4812 (1), pp. 1-61 : 11

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Nychiodes waltheri


The waltheri   species-group

The species of this group can be diagnosed by the following characters (after Müller et al. 2019): In male genitalia, the costa of the valva is sclerotized up to the subapical part, humped medially (in most species); apex of ampulla superior and ampulla inferior spinose; sacculus process strongly pronounced, slender and pointed ( Müller et al. 2019); tip of aedeagus with digitiform extension (straight or curved). In female genitalia, ductus bursae shorter than half length of corpus bursae; lamella postvaginalis conically broadened, strongly sclerotized.

The following species are included in this group: N. waltheri Wagner, 1919   , N. palaestinensis Wagner, 1919   , N. muelleri Hausmann, 1991   and N. aphrodite Hausmann & Wimmer, 1994   .

Remarks. Two species, N. dalmatina   and N. waltheri   were included in the recent revision of European species ( Müller et al. 2019). However, as N. waltheri   is the iconic species of this group and mainly distributed outside Europe, we included this species also to the present study.