Trapezia bidentata (Forskål, 1775), Forskal, 1775

Ortiz, Luis Hernández Georgina Ramírez & Reyes-Bonilla, Héctor, 2013, Coral-associated decapods (Crustacea) from the Mexican Tropical Pacific coast, Zootaxa 3609 (5), pp. 451-464: 460

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Trapezia bidentata (Forskål, 1775)


Trapezia bidentata (Forskål, 1775)  

Material examined. One male (ICMyL MAZ 9408 A) and one ovigerous female (ICMyL MAZ 9408 B) from Islas Marietas, and three males (ICMyL MAZ 9421 A), two females (ICMyL MAZ 9421 B), and two ovigerous females (ICMyL MAZ 9421 C) from Playa Coral (15 ° 51 ´N, 97 °05´W).

Remarks. This species is symbiotic with corals and has a circumptropical distribution (Castro 1997). Along the Mexican tropical Pacific coast, records were made at Isla Isabel (21 ° 51 ´N, 105 ° 51 ´W) (Ríos-Jara et al. 2008), Zihutanejo (see Pereyra 1998), and the Huatulco region (Ramírez-Luna et al. 2002). This species was seen in all sampled sites and we confirm its distribution in the study area.