Neobuthus awashensis Kovařík & Lowe, 2012

Kovařík, František, Lowe, Graeme, Awale, Ahmed Ibrahim, Elmi, Hassan Sh Abdirahman & Abdi, Ali, 2018, Scorpions of the Horn of Africa (Arachnida, Scorpiones). Part XVII. Revision of Neobuthus, with description of seven new species from Ethiopia, Kenya and Somaliland (Buthidae), Euscorpius 271, pp. 1-82: 14

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Neobuthus awashensis Kovařík & Lowe, 2012


Neobuthus awashensis Kovařík & Lowe, 2012  

( Figs. 55–56, 403, 418, 421, 438, Table 5)

Neobuthus awashensis Kovařík & Lowe, 2012: 7–16   , figs. 5–6, 18–21, 34–38, 44–47, 67–74, 86, 89, 92, 95–96, 100–101; Kovařík et al., 2015: 30; Lowe & Kovařík, 2016: 2–4, figs. 1–6, 158, 161–165.

TYPE LOCALITY AND   TYPE REPOSITORY. Ethiopia, Awash , Metahara env., 08°54'N 39°54'E, 960-1050 m a.s.l. GoogleMaps   , FKCP.

TYPE MATERIAL EXAMINED. Ethiopia, Awash, Metahara env., 08°54'N 39°54'E, 960-1050 m a.s.l., 1♀ (paratype), 2008, leg GoogleMaps   . V. Trailin, 2♀1♀ im. (allotype and paratypes), XI.2010, leg   . T. Mazuch and P. Novák, 32♂ (holotype and paratypes) 18♀ (paratypes) 11♀ ims, 5♂ ims (paratypes), 19.-22.VII.2011, leg. F. Kovařík. Most types including holotype are in the collection of the first author ( FKCP)   , other paratypes are in the GLPC, MRAC, RTOC, ZMHB, and ZMUH collections.

OTHER MATERIAL EXAMINED. Ethiopia, 11°43'22"N 40° 56'52"E, 457 m a.s.l. ( Locality No. 12 EMA), 20.XI. 2012, 1♀1♀ im., leg. F. Kovařík ( UV detection) GoogleMaps   , FKCP; 11°43'30"N 40°58'45"E, 404 m a.s.l. ( Locality No. 12EM), 20.XI.2012, 1♂, leg. F. Kovařík ( UV detection) GoogleMaps   , FKCP; Gewane , 10°09'38"N 40°39'45"E, 631 m a.s.l. (Locality No. 12 EO), 23.XI.2012, 1♂ 1♀, leg. F. Kovařík, ( UV detection) GoogleMaps   , FKCP; 09°08'10.4"N 40° 09'45.5"E, 835 m a.s.l. ( Locality No. 12ER), 24.XI. 2012, 12♂ 1♀ 1juv., leg. F. Kovařík ( UV detection) GoogleMaps   , FKCP, 26.-27.XI.2014, 8♂ 2♀ 2juvs, leg. F. Kovařík   , FKCP; Awash , Metahara env., 08°54'N 39° 54'E, 960- 1050 m a.s.l. (Locality No. 12 EX), 25.XI. 2012, 7♂ 6♀ 5juvs., 27.-30.XI.2014, 7♂ 1♀ ( Figs. 55–56), topotypes, leg. F. Kovařík GoogleMaps   ( UV detection).

DIAGNOSIS. Total length 18–22 mm (males), 22.5–30 mm (females); carapace with area between anterior median carinae fuscous; tergites with fuscous pigmentation unbroken across median area; pedipalp relatively slender, males with femur L/ W 2.50 –2.70, patella L/ W 2.45 –2.70, chela L/ W 4.63 –5.08; chela movable finger with 5–6 subrows of primary denticles, 3–5 external accessory denticles flanking proximal end of each subrow; trichobothria d 2 usually absent from femur and patella; dorsoexternal and ventroexternal carinae on pedipalp patella in female well developed; posterior margins of tergites with 1–2 pairs of macrosetae; pedipalps, legs, metasoma and telson with short, stout macrosetae in males, and long, fine setae in females; males with coxae sparsely granulated, sternites III–VI lightly shagreened to smooth, sternite VII finely granulated with 4 weak, granulated carinae; females with sternites III–VI smooth, sternite VII sparsely shagreened with 4 weak carinae, median carinae granulated; metasoma I–III with median lateral carinae present in both sexes; lateral surface of metasoma V in males densely granulated, with granules separated; soles of telotarsi with relatively sparse setation, leg III of adults with 12–19 ventral macrosetae on telotarsus; pectine teeth: 17–21 (males), 15–18 (females).


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