Statommatia knudseni (Serène, 1964), Serene, 1964

Ng, Peter K. L. & Castro, Peter, 2016, Revision of the family Chasmocarcinidae Serène, 1964 (Crustacea, Brachyura, Goneplacoidea), Zootaxa 4209 (1), pp. 1-182: 76-77

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Statommatia knudseni (Serène, 1964)

n. comb.

Statommatia knudseni (Serène, 1964)   , n. comb.

( Figs. 16 View FIGURE 16 D; 26D; 33C; 45E, F; 54D, E; 61B; 77E‒H)

Hephthopelta knudseni Serène, 1964a: 252   , fig. 18, pl. 22, fig. C [type localilty: New Caledonia]; 1968: 92 [in list].—Ng et al. 2008: 76 [in list].

Type material. Holotype male (4.7 × 6.9 mm) ( ZMUC CRU- 6974), New Caledonia, Dana Expedition 1928-30, stn 3612, 21°40’S, 165°24’E., 165–360 m GoogleMaps   , 27.11.1928.

Other material examined. New Caledonia. DANA EXPEDITION 1928-30: juvenile female (3.8 × 5.2 mm) ( ZMUC), same data as holotype GoogleMaps   ; 1 male (3.4 × 4.6 mm) ( ZMUC), same data as holotype GoogleMaps   .

Diagnosis. Carapace ( Fig. 16 View FIGURE 16 D) subovate, convex dorsally, 1.3‒1.4 wider than long; nearly straight front; anterolateral margins arcuate, conspicuously granular, without distinct lobes or teeth. Eye peduncle ( Fig. 26 View FIGURE 26 D) filling orbit, short, immobile; cornea reduced, with reduced pigmentation. Posterior margin of epistome Posterior margin of epistome ( Fig. 26 View FIGURE 26 D) with narrowly rectangular median lobe with deep median fissure, semicircular lateral margins. Third maxilliped ( Fig. 33 View FIGURE 33 C; Serène 1964b: fig. 18A) merus subquadrate, ischium subquadrate, slightly longer than merus. Proportionally short ambulatory legs ( Fig. 16 View FIGURE 16 D), merus especially stout, broad, proportionally wide articles with acute tubercles along lower margins, particularly P2 merus. Chelipeds ( Figs. 16 View FIGURE 16 D; 45E, F) subequal in length, heteromorphic in males; fingers of minor   chela ( Fig. 45 View FIGURE 45 F) subcircular in cross-section, scissor-like, cutting margins with small teeth; cutting margins of major chela of males ( Fig. 45 View FIGURE 45 E) with short teeth, most proximal enlarged. Ventral surface of cheliped merus with outer, inner rows of tubercles, short teeth (about ten on outer margins, many on two rows along inner margins). Inner margin of cheliped carpus with short distal tooth ( Fig. 16 View FIGURE 16 D). Fused thoracic sternites 1, 2 ( Fig. 54 View FIGURE 54 D) semicircular, broad, short. Wide sternum. Male pleon ( Fig. 54 View FIGURE 54 E; Serène 1964b: fig. 18B) with proportionally short telson. G1 ( Fig. 77 View FIGURE 77 E‒G; Serène 1964b: fig. 18C) slender, distal segment slightly curved, with short spinules, pointed apex. G2 ( Fig. 77 View FIGURE 77 H; Serène 1964b: fig. 18C) about 1/2 G1 length, slightly curved, distal segment proportionally short. Mature female unknown.

Remarks. Same wide sternum, pleon, mouth parts, and “supplementary plate” as in apta   /pubescence. Proportionally shorter and thicker ambulatory legs than S. apta   .

Distribution. Only known from New Caledonia. Depth: 165– 360 m.


Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen














Statommatia knudseni (Serène, 1964)

Ng, Peter K. L. & Castro, Peter 2016

Hephthopelta knudseni Serène, 1964a : 252

Serene 1964: 252