Chalybion sommereni (R. TURNER, 1920)

Epeletier, 2016, The Chloriontinae, Sceliphrinae and Sphecinae Wasps of the " Biologiezentrum Linz " - Collection in Linz, Austria including the Genera Chalybion DAHLBOM, Chlorion LATREILLE, Dynatus LEPELETIER de SAINT FARGEAU, Penepodium MENKE, Podium FABRICIUS, Sceliphron KLUG, Stangeella MENKE and Trigonopsis, Linzer biologische Beiträge 48 (2), pp. 1149-1185: 1163-1164

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Chalybion sommereni (R. TURNER, 1920)


Chalybion sommereni (R. TURNER, 1920)   (1 ♀, 6 66)

K e n y a: 1♀, (Tsavo), Tai Hills, Wundanyi, 19-21.XI.1996, leg. Mi. Halada.

Description of the hitherto unknown male of Chalybion sommereni: Body   length 13.0- 16.5 mm, length of forewing 9.5-10.5 mm. Body bright blue; proximal four antennal segments, tegulae and legs (except coxa) bright ferruginous; wings brownish hyaline, apically brown. Long erect setae of head, thorax and propodeum white. Face and pronotal lobe densely, mesopleuron sparsely covered with appressed silvery setae. Pronotum and scutum sparsely finely punctate; meso- and metapleuron more densely

punctate. Propodeum enclosure densely punctate and with transverse striae. Claws of hind tarsi without inner subbasal tooth; antenna with tyloidea on eight and nineth flagellomere. Sternum VIII with triangular apical process ( Fig. 10 View Figs 4-11 ); penis valve in lateral view Fig. 11 View Figs 4-11 .

The male of Chalybion sommereni   differs from Chalybion laevigatum   in having

ferruginous legs except coxa ( Chalybion laevigatum   has all legs black to violaceus).

K e n y a 566, (Tsavo) Tai Hills, Wundanyi, 19.-21.XI.1996, leg. Mi. Halada; 16, Taita Hills, Wundanyi, 18.-22.III.1997, leg. Ma. Halada.

Chalybion spinolae (LEPELETIER de SAINT FARGEAU 1845)   (23 ♀♀, 50 66) B o t s w a n a:16, Nata env., 9.-14.I.1994, leg. Snižek.

E t h i o p i a 1♀, 40 km W Konso , 05°19'N 37°04'E, 600m, 14.V.2015, leg. J. Halada GoogleMaps   ; 266, Oromia State , Borena region (alt. 1470m), 10 km SE Negele env., 05°18'13''N 39°38'37'E, 19.XI.2014, leg. Kučera.  

K e n y a:566, Voi ( Tsavo ) env. 8.-18.XI.1996, leg. Mi. Halada   ; 366, Taita Hills, Wundanyi , 18.- 22.III.1997, leg. Ma. Halada   ; 16, E Mwingi , 14. V.2007, leg. M. Halada   ; 266, Voi , 10.XII.1999, leg. Snižek   ; 2♀♀, Mwingi, Kangonde vadi, 18.IV2007, leg. Mi. Halada   ; 1♀, SamburuNat. Park , 00.50°N 37.50°E, 900m, 19.-22. VII.1993, leg. Leonhardsberger GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, Ngon Hills , 8 km S Kiserian, 1°27'S 36°28'E, 17.IV.2006, leg. Jendek GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, 16, Voi ( Tsavo ), 13.-17.XII.1997, leg. Snižek   ; 1♀, 966, Voi ( Tsavo ), 22.XI.-2.XII.1996, leg. Mi. Halada   ; 1♀, Taita Hills, Voi river , 14.IV.2007, leg. M. Halada.  

M o z a m b i q u e: 1♀, Manica province , 65 km W Chimoio, 10.-11.XII.2003, leg. J. Halada   ; 1♀, Manica province , 45 km NW Cimoio, 12.-20.XII.2003, leg. J. Halada   ; 1♀, 366, 35 km SW Chimoio , 09°08'S 33°09'E, 700m, 14.XII.2005, leg. J. Halada. GoogleMaps  

S o u t h A f r i c a: 1♀, KwaZulu Natal S, 17 km SE Richmond, 3.II.2000, leg. J. Halada   ; 1♀, East Cape, Sneeuberg, N Graff Reinet, Lootsberg pass, 1446m, 26.XII.2007, leg. Snižek   ; 1♀, 266, West Cape, Klein Karoo Langberg, Grotriver , 15.XII.2002, leg. Ma. Halada   ; 1♀, KwaZulu Natal , 20 km S Bergville, 5.II.2001, leg. Snižek   ; 266, West Cape, Barrydale , 16.XII.2002, leg. Snižek   ; 16, Mpumalanga, 30 km NE Lydenburg NR. Ohrig , 9.-12.I.2004, leg. J. Halada   ; 366, West Cape, Klein Karoo, Grotriver , Langberg , 24.XI.2002, leg. Ma. Halada   ; 16, Mpumalanga, 40 km SW Komalipoor , 1.-2.I.2004, leg. J. Halada   ; 16, North West province, Wryburg env., 14.I.2001, leg. Snižek.  

U g a n d a:16, 1966, leg. Hamann.

Z a m b i a: 3♀♀, 266, 150 km SW Solwezi , 13°02'S 25°45'E, 1300m, 15.XI.2005, leg. M. Halada GoogleMaps   ; 2♀♀, 266, 140 km NE Kapiri Moshi , 13°31'S 29°48'E, 1500m, 23.XI.2005, leg. M. Halada GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, Coperbelt province , 85 km W Chingola, 16.I.2006, leg. Kmeco   ; 1♀, NW Kasempa , 13°06'S 25°14'E, 1200m, 5.XI.2008, leg. M. Halada GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, 15 km S Kapiri Moshi , 16.-17.I.2003, leg. J. Halada   ; 466, 40 km W Chingola , 12°27'S 27°35'E, 1200m, 7.XI.2005, leg. M. Halada GoogleMaps   ; 16, Solvezi env., 1.-3.XII.2002, leg. J. Halada   ; 16, 100 km W Solvezi , 12°13'S 25°39'E, 1400m, 10.XI.2005, leg. M. Halada. GoogleMaps  

Z i m b a b w e:16, Mushandike Sanct. (Masvingo env.), 11.XII.1998, leg. Bečvář; 16, Bubi, Bubi river, 80 km NE Beitbridge, 8.XII.1998, leg. J. Halada.


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