Trogolaphysa jataca (Wray, 1953),

Soto-Adames, Felipe N. & Taylor, Steven J., 2013, The dorsal chaetotaxy of Trogolaphysa (Collembola, Paronellidae), with descriptions of two new species from caves in Belize, ZooKeys 323, pp. 35-74: 54-55

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Trogolaphysa jataca (Wray, 1953)


Trogolaphysa jataca (Wray, 1953)  Fig. 53-55

Material examined.

Puerto Rico: Isabela, Guajataca Commonwealth Forest, Rd. 446, 18.41263°N, 66.96887°W, top of mogote at crossroad between trails 6, 25 & 26, leaf litter, 15.V.2009, F. Soto (2 specimens); Cayey, Rd. 4471, Km 4.1, leaf litter, 18.VI.1998, F. Soto (1 specimen); Mayagüez, University of Puerto Rico, secondary forest east of Biology Building, 18.21350°N, 67.13774°W, royal palm ( Roystonea borinquena  O.F. Cook) leaf litter, III.2009, M. Ospina (3 specimens).

Additions to the original description.

Head. Dorsal chaetotaxy as in Fig. 52: macrochaetae A0, A2, M3, S3, S5, Pa5 and Pm3 present; 1+1 microchaetae inserted near A1. Postlabium with all setae ciliate; columns ICELO with 41232; posterior setae on column I detached from anterior group.

Body. Mesothorax (Fig. 53) with one anterior (a5) and six posterior macrochaeta; microchaetae m2, m4, p5 and p6 present; microchaetae p1 and p2 absent. Metathorax with 4 inner microchaetae, as in Trogolaphysa riopedrensis  (Fig. 58). Abd. 1 with 4 posterior setae; seta a6 absent. Abd. 2 and 3 as in Trogolaphysa giordanoae  sp. n. (Figs 15, 16); Abd. 2 seta p5 fusiform, with enlarged socket (Fig. 54). Abd. 4 as in Fig. 55: inner macrochaetae A4, A5, B5 and B6 present; macrochaetae Te2, D3, E2, E3, F1-3 present; 4 other lateral and posterior small macrochaetae present. Posterior setae 13 –14+13– 14. Intersegmental membrane between Abd. 4-5 with 4 lenticular organs.

Ventral tube. Anterior face with 3+3 distal macrochaetae; smaller individuals with 2+2 macrochaetae.