Priesneria doliicornis (Bianchi)

Mound, Laurence A. & Matsunaga, Janis N., 2017, The species of Haplothrips (Thysanoptera, Phlaeothripinae) and related genera recorded from the Hawaiian Islands, ZooKeys 662, pp. 79-92 : 88

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Priesneria doliicornis (Bianchi)


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Described in Karnyothrips but transferred by Pitkin (1973) to the genus Priesneria because of the curious third antennal segment (Fig. 23), the relationships of this species remain in some doubt. Two species with similar antennae are described in the genus Karnyothrips from southern Japan ( Okajima 2006), of which antennalis has one sense cone on segment III and three on segment IV, whereas inflatus is particularly similar to doliicornis in having two on both III and IV. A third species with similar antennal structure has been described in Karnyothrips from southern China ( Wang et al. 2013), but that has two sense cones on segment III and four on IV. The curious shape of antennal segment III, and the number of sense cones on III and IV, may not be good indicators of relationships in the Karnyothrips group. Bianchi described doliicornis from 10 females collected on Hawaii, of which nine were micropterous and one macropterous. Two micropterous females were collected in July 2016 at sites near Volcano, Hawaii, one on dead branches of Metrosideros , and one on dead branches of Dodonaea .