Lithobius (Archilithobius) deserti Verhoeff, 1908

Thofern, Detlef, Dupérré, Nadine & Harms, Danilo, 2021, An annotated type catalogue of the centipedes (Myriapoda: Chilopoda) held in the Zoological Museum Hamburg, Zootaxa 4977 (1), pp. 1-103 : 35

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Lithobius (Archilithobius) deserti Verhoeff


39. Lithobius (Archilithobius) deserti Verhoeff , 190­8

Verhoeff 1908: 270–271 (as Lithobius (Archilithobius) deserti n. sp. ♂.)

Type locality and specimens. Vorkommen [habitat]: Tripolis, Anfang [beginning of] August, 3 ♂.

Dimensions. ♂ von 9 mm Länge [length], entweder Maturus oder Pseudomaturus.

Type material. Syntypes 2 ( ZMH-A0000696 , ZMH-A0008174 ) . LYBIA: Tripoli [ca. 32°53’N, 13°11’E] GoogleMaps .

Preservation. 1 jar: Label 1. “ Lithobius deserti Verh. N. sp., Tripolis”, Tripolis Anf. VIII.— 2♂ fast ohne Be- ine, Dr. B. Klaptocz leg. 1906, K.W. Verhoeff publ. 1908, Fr. Werner vend, 16.10.16. (imprint); Label 2. Lithobius deserti Verh. n. sp. [Zwingerli C.].

Type status. Verhoeff (1908) listed three specimens in his original description but only two syntypes are present at the ZMH .

Old type catalogue. Weidner (1960), p. 72, No. 3. Paratypes 2.

Collection remarks. The specimens were collected by the Austrian zoologist Bruno Klaptocz (1882–1908) during his field trip to Tripoli and Barka 1906.

Current systematic position. Lithobius deserti Verhoeff, 1908 .


Zoologisches Museum Hamburg