Cupipes microstoma Kohlrausch, 1879

Thofern, Detlef, Dupérré, Nadine & Harms, Danilo, 2021, An annotated type catalogue of the centipedes (Myriapoda: Chilopoda) held in the Zoological Museum Hamburg, Zootaxa 4977 (1), pp. 1-103: 61

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Cupipes microstoma Kohlrausch, 1879


97. Cupipes microstoma Kohlrausch, 1879  

Kohlrausch 1879: 72 (as C. microstoma   n. sp.)

Type locality and specimens. Mus. Godeffroy   , Hamburg 1 Exemplar. Gymnas. Johann, Hamburg 2 Exemplare. Fundort [locality]: Mexiko. ( Die beiden Exemplare des Gymnas. Johann. haben keine Fundort-Angabe [There are no locality data for the two specimens from the Gymnasium Johanneum Hamburg.])   .

Dimensions. Länge des Körpers [body length] 45 [mm], der Endbeine 7,7, Breite der Endbeine 2,0 Mm. [length of the ultimate legs 7.7 mm, width 2.0 mm].

Type material. Syntype ( ZMH-A0000597). MEXICO. No additional data [ca. 19°26’N, 99°8’W for Mexico City] GoogleMaps   .

Preservation. 1 jar: Label 1. Cupipes microstoma   n. sp. Mexico Mus. God 6205 (pencil); Label 2. Cupipes microstoma Kohlr. Originalex.   Mexico MG 6205 (pencil); Label 3. Cupipes impressus microstoma Kohlr. Originalexempl.   Mexico. M.G. 6205; Label 4. Cormocephalus impressus Por. Originalexempl.   ! Mexico. M.G. 6205.

Old type catalogue. Weidner (1960), p. 68, No. 47. Holotype.

Remarks. The preserved specimen came from the private Museum Godeffroy   in Hamburg. Weidner (1960: 68) noted that the two syntypes from the Gymnasium Johanneum are missing.

Current systematic position. Junior synonym of Cormocephalus guildingii   (Newport, 1845) according to Kraepelin (1903: 104).


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