Cupipes spinifer Kraepelin

Thofern, Detlef, Dupérré, Nadine & Harms, Danilo, 2021, An annotated type catalogue of the centipedes (Myriapoda: Chilopoda) held in the Zoological Museum Hamburg, Zootaxa 4977 (1), pp. 1-103: 62-63

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Cupipes spinifer Kraepelin


99. Cupipes spinifer Kraepelin   , 190­3

Kraepelin 1903: 176–177, fig. 117 (as Cupipes spinifer   n. sp.).

Type locality and specimens. Para   . Bisher nur 1 Exemplar [until now only 1 specimen] (Mus. Hamburg)   .

Dimensions. Länge [length] 35 mm.

Type material. Holotype ( ZMH-A0000581). BRAZIL, Pará State [ca. 5°40’S, 52°44’W]. GoogleMaps  

Preservation. 1 jar: Label 1. Cupipes spinifer Krpln   Typus Schulz l. 1903, Para (Kraepelin handwriting); Label 2. Cupipes spinifer Kraepelin   ( Arthrorhabdus spinifer (Kraepelin))   1 Expl. Holotype (imprint: Zoologisches Museum Hamburg).

Old type catalogue. Weidner (1960), p. 68, No. 49. Holotype.

Taxonomic remarks. This species was placed in the genus Rhoda Meinert, 1866   for a long time but Rhoda   was recently synonymized with Scolopendropsis Brandt, 1841   ( Schileyko et al. 2020). The latter name has priority.

Current systematic position. Scolopendropsis spinifer ( Kraepelin, 1903)   ; transferred from Cupipes   by Attems (1930: 61) as Arthrorhabdus   . Assigned to Rhoda   by Shelley & Chagas Jr (2004: 533) which is now a synonym of Scolopendropsis   .

10­0­. Hemicormocephalus novaehollandiae Kraepelin   , 190­8

Kraepelin 1908: 122–123, plate XII, fig. 17 (as Hemicormocephalus novaehollandiae   n. sp.)

Type locality and specimens. Fundnotiz [locality note]: Ein wohlerhaltenes Exemplar dieser Art wurde bei Stat. 109, Subiaco, nahe bei Perth gesammelt. Ein defektes Exemplar stammt von Stat. 107, Fremantle. [One specimen in a good condition was collected at station 109, Subiaco near Perth. One damaged specimen from station 107, Fremantle.].

Dimensions. Länge [length] 32 mm, Breite 2 1/ 4 mm [width 2.25 mm].

Type material. Syntypes 2. AUSTRALIA: Western Australia: ( ZMH-A0000610), East Fremantle (station 116) [ca. 31°57’S, 115°49’E]; GoogleMaps   ( ZMH-A0000611) Subiaco (northern) (station 109) [ca. 31°57’S, 115°49’E] GoogleMaps   .

Preservation. 2 jars. Jar 1. Lectotoype ( ZMH-A 0000610): Label 1. Hamb.S.W.Austral.Exp. 1905 116 East Fremantle, nördl. 26. VI. (imprint); Label 2. Hemicormocephalus novaehollandiae Krpln Co-Typus, Freemantle, Michaelsen VI.   08 (Kraepelin handwriting). Jar 2. Paralectotype ( ZMH-A 0000611): Label 1. Hamb.S.W.Austral.Exp. 1905 109 Subiaco, nördl. 26. VI. (imprint); Label 2. Hemicormocephalus novaehollandiae Krpln   Typus Subiaco bei Perth. Coll. Michaelsen VI.08. (Kraepelin handwriting).

Old type catalogue. Weidner (1960), p. 68, No. 50. Holotype, paratype.

Type status. Weidner (1960: 68) listed a holotype from Subiaco and 1 damaged paratype from Fremantle. No holotype was designated in the original study and both specimens are syntypes.

Collection remarks. The specimens were collected by Wilhelm Michaelsen during his expedition to Western Australia 1905.

Current systematic position. Cormocephalus novaehollandiae ( Kraepelin, 1908)   .


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