Cormocephalus gracilis Kohlrausch, 1879

Thofern, Detlef, Dupérré, Nadine & Harms, Danilo, 2021, An annotated type catalogue of the centipedes (Myriapoda: Chilopoda) held in the Zoological Museum Hamburg, Zootaxa 4977 (1), pp. 1-103: 53

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Cormocephalus gracilis Kohlrausch, 1879


79. Cormocephalus gracilis Kohlrausch, 1879  

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Kohlrausch 1879: 73 (as C. gracilis   n. sp.)

Type locality and specimens. Mus. Godeffroy   , Hamburg 2 Exemplare.— Fundort [locality]: Ost-Australien [Eastern Australia]   .

Dimensions. Länge des Körpers [body length] 43 [mm], der Endbeine 7,5 [length of the ultimate legs 7.5 mm], Breite der letzteren 1,5 Mm. [width of the last 1.5 mm].

Type material. Syntypes 2 ( ZMH-A0000587, ZMH-A0009271). AUSTRALIA: Queensland, Gayndah [ca. 25°37’S, 151°36’E] and GoogleMaps   New South Wales, Sydney [ca. 33°51’S, 151°12’E] (stored together in one vial with com- mon labels) GoogleMaps   .

Preservation. 1 jar: Label 1. Cormocephalus gracilis   (n. sp.) Kohlr. Mus.God. Gayndah […] Mus. God. […] Sidney […]. Label 2. Cormocephalus aurantiipes Newp. Orig.   zu C. gracilis Kohlr. M.G. Sidney   u. Gayndah (pencil). Label 3. Corm. rubripes Br. I   [mm]atur (pencil).

Old type catalogues. Weidner (1960), p. 65, No. 20. Syntypes 2.

Collection remarks. The specimens came from the private Museum Godeffroy   in Hamburg and were collected by Amalie Dietrich (1821–1891), most likely between 1863 and 1864, whereas specimens from Sydney were likely collected by Eduard Dämel (1822–1900); but see Baehr et al. (2017) for details. Specimens were offered for sale in the Godeffroy   catalogues (Appendix 3) and additional syntypes may be present in other collections.

Current systematic position. Junior synonym of Cormocephalus aurantiipes   (Newport, 1844) according to Haase (1887: 57).