Sorex (Otisorex) cinereus Kerr 1792

Wilson, Don E. & Reeder, DeeAnn, 2005, Order Soricomorpha, Mammal Species of the World: a Taxonomic and Geographic Reference (3 rd Edition), Volume 1, Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, pp. 220-311 : 286

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Sorex (Otisorex) cinereus Kerr 1792


Sorex (Otisorex) cinereus Kerr 1792

Sorex (Otisorex) cinereus Kerr 1792 , Animal Kingdom: 206.

Type Locality: Canada, Ontario, Fort Severn.

Vernacular Names: Cinereus Shrew.

Synonyms: Sorex (Otisorex) cooperi Bachman 1837 ; Sorex (Otisorex) forsteri Richardson 1828 ; Sorex (Otisorex) frankstounensis Peterson 1926 ; Sorex (Otisorex) idahoensis Merriam 1891 ; Sorex (Otisorex) nigriculus Green 1932 ; Sorex (Otisorex) personatus I. Geoffroy 1827 ; Sorex (Otisorex) platyrhinus (De Kay 1842) .

Subspecies: :

Subspecies Sorex (Otisorex) cinereus subsp. cinereus Kerr 1792

Subspecies Sorex (Otisorex) cinereus subsp. acadicus Gilpin 1867

Subspecies Sorex (Otisorex) cinereus subsp. fontinalis Hollister 1911

Subspecies Sorex (Otisorex) cinereus subsp. hollisteri Jackson 1900

Subspecies Sorex (Otisorex) cinereus subsp. lesueurii Duvernoy 1842

Subspecies Sorex (Otisorex) cinereus subsp. miscix Bangs 1899

Subspecies Sorex (Otisorex) cinereus subsp. ohionensis Bole and Moulthrop 1942

Subspecies Sorex (Otisorex) cinereus subsp. streatori Merriam 1895

Distribution: North America throughout Alaska and Canada and southward along the Rocky and Appalachian Mtns to 45°.

Conservation: IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).

Discussion: Type species of subgenus Otisorex , and of S. cinereus group. Does not occur in Siberia as previously suggested; the taxa haydeni , jacksoni , ugyunak , portenkoi , leucogaster , beringianus , and camtschatica have been included previously but are now considered as separate species; see comments under these taxa and Junge and Hoffmann (1981, and references therein), van Zyll de Jong (1982, 1991 b), van Zyll de Jong and Kirkland (1989), and Pavlinov and Rossolimo (1987). S. fontinalis was separated from cinereus by Kirkland (1977), Junge and Hoffmann (1981), and Jones et al. (1992), but is considered, together with lesueurii, as a subspecies ( van Zyll de Jong and Kirkland, 1989). However, George's (1988) data indicate it is a sister taxon to both cinereus and haydeni . Paraphyly and/or mtDNA introgression of cinereus and haydeni documented by Stewart and Baker (1994, 1997) and Brunet et al. (2002). Genetic relations of the entire group studied by Demboski and Cook (2003). Karyotype has 2n = 60, FN = 70. The name fimbripes Bachman, 1837 is usually included in the synonymy of cinereus , but Handley and Varn (1994) pointed out that Bachman's description resembles Nectogale elegans rather than Sorex cinereus .














Sorex (Otisorex) cinereus Kerr 1792

Wilson, Don E. & Reeder, DeeAnn 2005

Sorex (Otisorex) cinereus

Kerr 1792: 206
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