Tianarinha micet, Irwin & Winterton, 2024

Irwin, Michael E. & Winterton, Shaun L., 2024, New genera of stiletto flies endemic to Madagascar (Therevidae: Therevinae), European Journal of Taxonomy 932 (1), pp. 1-33 : 21-25

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https://doi.org/ 10.5852/ejt.2024.932.2507

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Tianarinha micet

gen. et sp. nov.

Tianarinha micet gen. et sp. nov.


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Frons with short setae dorsally only, lacking setae just above antenna; male frons wider than width of ocellar tubercle, lacking dark marking across middle of frons ( Fig. 14C–D View Fig ); setae absent on posterior surface of hind coxa ( Fig. 12A View Fig ).

Differential diagnosis

See Diagnosis.


We are pleased to name this species after the Malagasy Non-Governmental Organisation, Madagascar Institut pour la Conservation des Ecosystemes Tropicaux (MICET), which acted as in our behalf to secure collecting permits and other legal documents from the Government of Madagascar before Malaise traps could be placed in nationally protected areas.

Material examined

Holotype MADAGASCAR – Tulear Province (Atsimo-Andrefana Region) • ♂; Ambohimahavelona, Andoharano dry forest ; 23.4408° S, 43.8997° E; 45 m a.s.l.; 19–28 Jun. 2010; M.E. Irwin and R. Harin’Hala leg.; Malaise at hillside wash; CASC. GoogleMaps

Paratypes MADAGASCAR – Tulear Province (Atsimo-Andrefana Region) • 5 ♂♂; same collection data as for holotype; various dates: 29 Jun.–10 Aug. 2009, 10 Jun.–30 Aug. 2010, 7 Jun.–10 Jul. 2011; CSCA GoogleMaps 36 ♂♂, 2 ♀♀; Tsimanapetsotsa National Park; 24.0486° S, 43.7522° E; 45 m a.s.l.; various dates: 2 Jun.–2 Sep. 2012; M.E. Irwin and R. Harin’Hala leg.; Malaise across path in Mitoho dry forest; CSCA GoogleMaps .

Other material

MADAGASCAR – Tulear Province (Atsimo-Andrefana Region) • 97 ♂♂; 3 km E of Itampolo; Androimpano Plateau ; 24.6578° S, 43.9562° E; 45 m a.s.l.; various dates: 26 Mar.–12 Apr. 2009; 28 May–11 Jun. 2009, 11 Jun.–6 Aug. 2009, 4–11 Feb. 2010, 27 May–3 Jun. 2010, 17 Jun.–14 Aug. 2010; M.E. Irwin and R. Harin’Hala leg.; Malaise across path in dry forest; CSCA GoogleMaps .


BODY LENGTH. 4.0– 5.5 mm (male), 5.0–6.0 mm (female).

HEAD. Frontal profile flat, slightly raised above antennal bases with medial furrow, pubescence silver-gray with light brown suffusion (male), silver with dark yellow-brown suffusion (female), both with brown pubescent band from antennal base to eye margin; male frons width at narrowest point wider than ocellar tubercle; frons with diverging rows of short, black setae below ocellar tubercle; ocellar tubercle flat, gray pubescent with short macrosetae; erect, black postocular macrosetae in a single row, additional setae irregularly arranged dorsomedially on occiput in both sexes; occiput pubescence silver-gray, brown suffusion medially; genal setae dark; antennal scape shorter than flagellum, cylindrical, black, overlain with gray pubescence admixed with short, dark macrosetae; flagellum conical, tapered distally, brown with gray pubescence.

THORAX. Scutum gray-tan with brown markings, broad medial stripe with narrower dark medial stripe, lateral stripes broken to tessellate, scattered short dark setae; scutellum concolorous with scutum; pleuron dark with sparse gray pubescence; katatergite with admixed pale and dark setae; scutal and scutellar macrosetae black, relatively elongate; coxae brown pubescent, minor setae mostly dark, macrosetae few in number, black; hind coxa without setae on posterior surface; femora dark yellow, suffused with dark brown, lighter apically, short dark setae admixed with longer pale setae and sparse covering of white scale-like adpressed setae; hind femur with single subapical anteroventral macroseta; tibiae yellow, dark gray-brown apically; tarsi dark yellow with apices brown; wing uniform smoky infuscate, darker along veins and in some cells; venation dark; haltere stem pale with knob mostly brown; scutal chaetotaxy (pairs): notopleural, 3; supra alar, 1–2; post alar, 1; dorsocentral, 1; scutellar, 1.

ABDOMEN. Male abdomen mostly dark brown with sparse glaucous pubescence admixed with long pale setae, darker on posterior segments and terminalia; female abdomen mostly dark brown, posterior margins pale cream, broader medially; terminalia dark yellow.


Tianarinha micet gen. et sp. nov. is known from three coastal localities with spiny thicket habitat in southern Madagascar.


USA, California, Sacramento, California State Collection of Arthropods


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